WATCH: ‘9-1-1’ Releases First Teaser for Season 5 Featuring an Ominous Scene

by Suzanne Halliburton

Take a look at a this teaser for 9-1-1. It’s brief, but it looks like Los Angeles will deal with some stuff.

Like, 9-1-1 teased a blackout as the focus of its premiere this fall. The clip only lasts 10 seconds. But take a look, 10 seconds is plenty of time to get (Hollywood) freaked out.

The series 9-1-1 starts its fifth season, probably in September. It’s all about the Los Angeles first responders. And we’re talking everybody, from the cops to the firefighters and paramedics and the dispatchers who take the calls. The show was Fox’s top scripted drama last season.

9-1-1 Emergencies Tend to be Huge. So Why Not a Blackout?

The show is quirky and borders on the fantastic, difficult-to-believe emergency tales. Ryan Murphy, who gave TV Glee, Nip/Tuck and American Horror Story, helped create 9-1-1. So he’s known for interesting, campy takes on everyday occurrences.

This season’s premiere featured a bizarre flood after the dam holding back the Hollywood Reservoir breaks. An early episode in season three had a tsunami hitting the Santa Monica Pier. An earthquake was the big draw to jump-start season two. There also have been roller coaster crashes and deadly heatwaves. And plane crashes always are good for a plotline. There’s not an emergency 9-1-1 can’t conquer.

The show features some big names — Angela Bassett, Peter Krause and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

The season four finale left fans with some cliffhangers. Maddie (Hewitt) quit her job as a dispatcher, saying:

 “I’m not OK in here. I feel like I’m losing my mind. I need help.”

9-1-1 Showrunner Tim Minear told TVLine about Maddie’s storyline next season:

“It’s a story that I don’t want to give short shrift to,” Minear said. “It will end up creating a major complication for Season 5.”

Also on the 9-1-1 finale: Eddie survived being shot by a sniper, who turned out to be a disgruntled former member of LAPD SWAT. He even used bullets from his old job, which helped Athena (Bassett) break the case. Athena also saved her marriage with Bobby (Krause).

Showrunner Says If He Kept All Characters Safe, They’d Never Receive Air Time

Fans appreciated that save.

“I loved that, too,” Miear said. “It reminded me of Princess Leia working her way into Jabba the Hutt’s lair to rescue Han Solo.

Meanwhile, Buck made his relationship official with Taylor.

Minear said he reads Tweets from 9-1-1 fans. They always want the show to keep their favorite characters safe and sound, despite the dangers of the jobs.

Minear said: “I always see tweets from the fans that are like “Can’t they just have a nice dinner?!” I’m not sure they realize what they’re asking for. If you want your favorite character to have a nice night in, it means they’re not going to be in the episode. “Tonight, on a very boring episode of 9-1-1…”

The season five debut, when all the lights go out in LA, doesn’t look boring. At all. But then again, if it was dull and fairly routine, it wouldn’t be 9-1-1.