WATCH: Aaron Rodgers and Fiancé Shailene Woodley Cuddle Up on Couch to Recap Guest Hosting Debut

by Quentin Blount

For any of our readers out there who are looking for the latest news on Aaron Rodgers and his Jeopardy! adventure, you have made it to the right place.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback, as many people know by now, recently started his two-week run as the guest host on Jeopardy! on Monday evening. And now by his side to hype him up is his ever-supportive fiancee, actress Shailene Woodley.

Although Rodgers and Woodley seemed to be keeping their relationship on the down-low at the beginning, that is not so much the case anymore. While it used to be hard to find a photo of the high-profile couple together, nowadays they are posting videos with each other on their social media pages. And following Rodgers’ debut on the iconic game show, Rodgers and his new fiancee got extra close on the couch as they recapped his first episode.

During the video, Rodgers answers 10 different fan questions as Woodley reads them off to him.

“Day 1 Jeopardy Recap,” Rodgers captioned his post. “10 questions about life and jeopardy hosted by @shailenewoodley ❤️”

Fans were loving the first time seeing Rodgers and Woodley so close and personal with one another. The video has racked up nearly a million views in less than a day since going live. In addition, fans took to the comments section to share just how much they enjoy seeing Rodgers and Woodley together as a couple.

“Omg I love you guys together!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍” one fan wrote. Similarly, another follower said, “You guys are sooo cute!!!! I was so happy to hear about your engagement. 💗”

Aaron Rodgers Answers Fan Mail

The very first questioned submitted was a fan asking Aaron Rodgers what his favorite Jeopardy! category is.

“My favorite ‘Jeopardy!’ category when I was on the show was probably the Bible category,” the reigning NFL MVP explains. “I picked that because I grew up in a church.”

Next up was a bit of humor. A Green Bay Packers fan asked Rodgers if he thinks that Bakh (Packers offensive lineman David Bakhtiari) would be a better host than him.

“Do I think that David Bakhtiari could host better than me? No chance in the world. Zero chance,” Rodgers says with a smile. “He would say yes for sure. But no, I love Dave, but I don’t think that hosting is a part of his repertoire.”

To watch Aaron Rodgers answer all ten of the fan questions, you can watch his eight-minute Instagram video above.