WATCH: Al Roker Receives Touching Surprise Birthday Tribute from Family

by Jonathan Howard

Tomorrow is a special birthday for Al Roker, he turns 68 years old. Over on TODAY, the crew surprised him with special video messages from his family! The legendary weatherman seemed genuinely surprised by the gesture. With Roker in Washington D.C. and the rest of the crew in New York, it brought the crew together across distance.

Over the years the folks at TODAY have surprised each other with well-wishes and other presents and gifts. Al Roker is a certified national treasure and deserves all the happy birthday wishes he gets from family and friends. His iconic eyeglasses and suits have made him America’s favorite weatherman. Now, it seems that Roker hasn’t aged a day as he looked on at the video messages from his family.

The TODAY hosts joked on Roker a bit after showing a crowd outside the studio cheering and wishing happy birthday to the weatherman. “We had to pay all those people to be there,” they joked. Of course, fans love Roker and there were many great sins and excited fans eager to shout for his birthday. When the video started to play, Roker looked on as his daughters, son, and wife wished him birthday messages.

“Hi, Dad,” his first daughter started, “Happy, happy birthday. I wish I was there to celebrate this day with you and to give you a huge hug.” Next, his other daughter called him the, “coolest 60+ guy I know,” which Al Roker seemed to take with lots of appreciation. Then, his son lets him know, “We all love you!” Finally, his wife, Deborah Roberts said he was, “one of the most beautiful souls I know.” It got the veteran weatherman on the verge of tears at times.

Happy birthday to America’s weatherman! The touching tributes from his family were wonderful to watch and the genuine emotion and surprise from Roker made the whole thing that much better.

Al Roker On TODAY

Last year, Al Roker had a scare with prostate cancer and took a leave of absence from TODAY. However, after undergoing surgery his doctor gave an “excellent” prognosis. Luckily, it came just in time for the Macy’s Day Parade. There is a certain presence that Roker brings to the screen. His unique style and charismatic gestures and jokes have captured the minds and hearts of millions.

As a native of Queens, Roker is such a great New York success story. He has been a New Yorker through and through his whole life. Roker quickly went up the ranks after joining NBC back in 1978. He went from Cleveland and back to NYC within five years. After eight months as a weekend weathercaster, he moved up to the weeknight position. That skill, talent, and determination are what have made fans fall in love with Roker.