WATCH: Al Roker Responds to Social Media Saying He Shouldn’t Be Covering Hurricane Ida

by Amy Myers

As Hurricane Ida approaches Louisiana, reporters and meteorologists are risking their safety to cover the treacherous conditions already affecting the area. Among them is the famed forecaster from the TODAY Show, Al Roker.

Since 1996, Al Roker has been the face of TODAY‘s weather and climate reports. While Roker may be in his 60s, that doesn’t mean he’s any bit frail. In fact, with his recent coverage on Hurricane Ida, Roker has proved to viewers that he’s as capable as ever to cover the impending storm. Earlier today, the seasoned reporter shared his findings on Louisiana’s current conditions while standing among huge waves and pelting rain. Al Roker, in a blue NBC News windbreaker, continued his segment as if reporting in clear-sky weather, never once acknowledging the tumultuous weather soaking his glasses and blowing back his hood.

Meanwhile, viewers on social media worried for the reporter’s safety and chastised NBC News for exposing the 67-year-old to Hurricane Ida’s force. With how severe the conditions looked on camera, they thought it too risky for him to be outside. However, Roker explained later to The Sunday Show that no one forced him to do the segment.

Watch the full response below.

“I volunteered to come out here,” Al Roker explained in response to the comments. “This is what I do. I’ve done this for forty years.”

Roker also explained that he and the crews always prioritize each other’s safety before ever completing a report in harrowing weather.

“As much as I love the weather and I love NBC, I’m not going to risk my life.”

Al Roker Has Hilarious Message for Viewers That Think He’s ‘Too Old’ to Report Severe Weather

Many others on Twitter claimed Al Roker was too old to be in such weather and that the producers shouldn’t have made him do his segment outdoors. The young-at-heart reporter didn’t take too kindly to viewers underestimating his abilities.

“Well, hey, guess what. Screw you,” Al Roker told the critical viewers. “Keep up.”

Fellow newscaster Jonathon Capehart busted out laughing.

“These young punks,” Roker joked. “I will come after them. I will drop them like a bag of dirt.”

Clearly, Al Roker still has plenty of spunk left. And Twitter users couldn’t get enough of it.

“Al Roker wins the internet today,” a user wrote.

While many fans commended the forecaster for his frank disposition, others still held steadfast to their initial beliefs.

“it’s not the age, it’s the irresponsibility of telling people they needed to evacuate and then going out and standing in an oncoming storm. It’s stupid and unnecessary no matter how old he is,” another user said.

Of course, all of those responding to Al Roker’s recent coverage just want to be sure that America’s favorite forecaster is around for years – and storms – to come.