WATCH: ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Noah Brown Showed off His Singing Voice with Emotional 2016 Performance

by Amy Myers

Throughout the seasons of Alaskan Bush People, some family members were more comfortable in front of the cameras than others. Bear, Matt, and Snowbird always seemed to be the siblings that were in the spotlight the most. Gabe and Rain had their moments in the sun from time to time. Meanwhile, brothers Bam Bam and Noah, who by nature were quieter, seemed just as happy to be in the background. Back before Noah met his now-wife, he tended to be quite shy around people outside of his Alaskan Bush People family.

Of course, each sibling has his or her own personality, and while Noah wasn’t as “extreme” as Bear or insightful as Snowbird, he once showed his more sensitive side on a date in the bush. A girl named Karryna came to visit the Alaskan Bush People star while the rest of the family was away. Karryna and Noah met while he was in her home state of California. The two exchanged numbers and kept in touch until it was Karryna’s turn to visit. Naturally, Noah had to impress her with his innovative nature and knack for songwriting.

Watch below as Noah serenades his date with an original song that he wrote about a past breakup.

‘Alaskan Bush Star’ and Date Don’t Seem to Click

When Noah lived in “Browntown,” there wasn’t much opportunity for romance outside of a day at the shooting range. And unfortunately, his date, Karryna, didn’t seem like the shooting type. Thankfully, though, the Alaskan Bush People star had another trick up his sleeve.

He invited Karryna into his section of Browntown, which he repurposed from an old chicken coop. From the look of the inside, the walls didn’t do very much to keep out the Alaskan air. Karryna remained polite but didn’t seem all that impressed with his setup.

Separate from Noah, she admitted, “Noah’s a very different and interesting person. He lives a different lifestyle than me, and I’m curious to see if I like that lifestyle.”

Still, she complimented Noah’s little home, deeming it “cozy.”

“That’s a very polite way of saying small,” the Alaskan Bush Star joked.

Karryna then noticed her host’s keyboard. Noah then revealed that it was actually one that he repaired–from the dump. Again, his guest looked more shocked than impressed.

Even after Noah’s serenade, the duo felt more friendly than they did romantic. Their interactions were polite instead of flirtatious, and the California native didn’t seem all that invested in the Alaskan Bush People’s lifestyle. At this point, it was clear no real sparks were happening between them. Nevertheless, they decided to open up to each other about past heartache, proving that even though it wouldn’t turn into a relationship, there was still potential for a friendship.