WATCH: ‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Gave a Tour of Antique Archaeology in Nashville

by Keeli Parkey

Would you like to experience the Nashville store owned by “American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe, but can’t make it all the way to Middle Tennessee? Well, thanks to a 2019 video tour you can take a look inside the store and see what types of items it has showcased to visitors over the years.

Wolfe’s store is the cleverly titled Antique Archaeology. According to its website, the Tennessee location is located at 1300 Clinton Street, Suite 130 in Nashville.

The video tour begins with the “American Pickers” host opening the door to his store. The camera follows him in and, unsurprisingly, reveals a building full of unique items to capture the attention of visitors. Items are on tables, they hang from the walls, and are placed on the floor. While this could be a cause for a mess, the store is organized and appears to be easily navigated.

According to Wolfe, the store isn’t just for selling antiques. It is also used to educate visitors about the importance of the items.

“(At) Antique Archaeology, we go the extra mile we go the extra mile in a lot of ways to help people understand how this stuff matters,” Wolfe says during the video tour.

The “American Pickers” host also says that this store is more than just a place for antique enthusiasts. “You know, even though you’re not into antiques and you’re not into collectibles, you can still find something in here that might resonate with you for one reason or another,” Wolfe also says.

‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Says Items in Nashville Store Offer ‘A Snapshot In Time’

Mike Wolfe also points out some specific items founds inside his Antique Archaeology location in Nashville.

“There’s a lot of people that come in here and go, ‘Wow, you have a gas pump?’ That’s totally on-brand for us. But the reason this pump is sitting here is because it’s a snapshot in time that’s, I mean, it’s really never going to come again,” he says.

In addition to the gas pump, the “American Pickers” star showcases a horn he says would have been used on a boat. He points out the bellows, then uses a hand crank to create a loud honking sound. As he does, he laughs with joy. It’s clear that he loves what he does.

Next, Mike Wolfe shows off an old car hood that was on display. “We’ve kept the lights on it,” he says. “And, this is actually – these lights actually light up. But, again, American made from a time that’s never going to come again. And, this was the representation of the brand.”

You can watch “American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe walk you through his Antique Archaeology store in Nashville below.

This location is not the only Antique Archaeology out there. Wolfe also owns a store in LeClaire, Iowa. The stores share a website and you can find out more about each there. The website also has items for sale online.