WATCH: ‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Loses His Cool Over Classic Ford Speedster

by Amy Myers

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fitz are “rolling large” in their freestyle hunt for garbage-made-gold as they traveled down residential gravel roads. While they tend to look for big-ticket items, the American Pickers stars aren’t afraid to get a closer look at hunks of junk on the side of the road. And that’s exactly what they did when they found an old dirt bike with a “4 Sale” sign in someone’s yard.

In a flashback clip of one of the duos’ greatest finds, the two scavengers pulled off to see the dusty yellow bike up close.

“If there’s something for sale on the side of the road and the place looks good, me and Franky are going to roll up on it,” Wolfe explained in the clip.

As the American Pickers stars came to find out, the dirt bike was built in 1967. Wolfe explained to the bike’s owner who the crew was and what they were looking for. Once the homeowner, Norm, heard they were in search of Americana pieces, he pulled open the other half of his garage to reveal a hidden gem – a 1967 Ford Fairlane 390 GT. Wolfe’s eyes all but popped out of his head.

“Forget the motorcycle,” Fitz said.

“Norm, you were holding out on us,” Wolfe joked.

‘American Pickers’ Find Out Just How Valuable the Muscle Car Is

As Norm gave the American Pickers a tour of the vehicle, he opened the glove compartment to reveal a dusty eight-track cassette player that looked well-loved. According to the clip, back in 1967 when cassette players were first available for Ford Fairlanes, installing an eight-track to your car cost an extra $129, the average month’s rent at the time.

Then Norm opened the hood of the muscle car. When he revealed that the Fairlane had its original motor, it was like finding platinum in a gold mine. The only change he had made was installing brand new heads that added 25 horsepower.

“When he said he added horsepower to it, I was like ‘Woah, Franky, I got Fairlane fever. Get me an ice pack,'” Wolfe reflected.

Once Wolfe realized just how rare of a find the Ford was, he started talking prices. Though he looked like he kept his calm, Wolfe later revealed that it was hard not to let his emotions take over.

“In situations like this, I’ve got to remain level-headed. I’m having an emotional affair with this car right now, but I cannot let that get in the way of me making a good business decision,” Wolfe explained. “I’m practically drooling at this point, but I’ve got to hold back and stand my ground.”

After some negotiating, the American Pickers star was able to heckle the price down to $7,000.

“Better check my temperature,” Wolfe told Ritz. “I really do have Fairlane fever now.”