WATCH: ‘American Pickers’ Stars Used Rock, Paper, Scissors as a Negotiations Tactic on Asking Prices

by Shelby Scott

“American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe and former co-star Frank Fritz have scored numerous interesting and unique picks in their time on the History channel. And while we’ve seen some pretty intense negotiations, you’ve never seen negotiating and bargaining done quite like this.

Recently, Wolfe and Fritz went on the fritz themselves. However, previously we saw both “American Pickers” stars using unique tactics of bargaining. And no, it did not include your usual back and forth.

The clip below captures moments in which Wolfe and Fritz both utilized the old-school game of “rock, paper, scissors” to determine the final asking price of various picks. And, sure enough, final selling prices saw clarity much sooner than they might when utilizing traditional methods.

However, the classic hand game isn’t the only unique method “American Pickers” has seen during its time on the air. Another pick saw Wolfe Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em, Robot-ing it out for one collector’s chair. In the end, Wolfe lost the robot match. Later, fans saw the pair leave with their pick, the “American Pickers” star truly in grief about losing the match.

Additionally, picking prices have also been decided via coin toss. However, it’s not nearly as entertaining as watching two grown “American Pickers” rock, paper, scissor it out for some of their most epic finds.

‘American Pickers’ Stars Face Off in Antique Drag Race

There is no doubt “American Pickers” fans love seeing their favorite stars battle it out middle-school style for some of their most interesting picks. Although, it’s not the only competitive “sport” the pair have partaken in.

Previously, we saw Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz face off in an exciting winner-takes-all antique drag race. And it’s by far one of the duo’s most entertaining feats.

We watch as the pair’s coworkers complain to the audience about Wolfe and Fritz’ constant bickering on the show. Fellow star, Danielle Colby, said, “Four or five years, I have sat and listened to those boys chatter back and forth about who’s bigger, who’s stronger, who’s tougher. Today,” she emphasized, “is the day we find out who the real bad boy is.”

Ultimately, as Fritz and Wolfe battle out it out with an automatic versus manual transmission, respectively, the show’s underdog winds up taking the win by a mile. Well, not quite a mile as the race lasted only a brief quarter-mile overall.

Nevertheless, friends of the “American Pickers” stated that, regardless of who won, they would not want to be together with the winner in the duo’s van. “Whoever wins this race has bragging rights,” said one of their colleagues. “I wouldn’t wanna be driving in that van with him for the next thousand miles.”

Middle-school rules indeed.