WATCH: Anthony Anderson Faceplants, Recovers Like a Pro While Skydiving with Bear Grylls

by Jon D. B.

“Just relax, breathe, and enjoy it. You got this!” Bear Grylls shouts to Anthony Anderson moments before jumping out of their helicopter. It does not go as planned.

Nothing begins a Running Wild with Bear Grylls excursion like a first-time skydiving. This was the case for acclaimed actor Anthony Anderson (Black-ish, Law & Order), who survived what could’ve been a drastically different outcome.

On last night’s two-episode season finale, the actor, comedian and game show host met Bear in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Their first task was to exit their helicopter thousands of feet above the Earth. The host tossed their backpacks from the sky and would later challenge Anderson to learn how to survive with just a rope and compass. But first, they have to make it to the ground.

“Because this is Anthony’s first-ever jump, he’ll be going tandem with one of our team,” Bear narrates. “We’re going for accuracy on this jump to avoid crashing into these peaks, and to get us as close as possible to our bags. I hope Anthony’s ready. If our timing’s off, or we drift off course, we could all-too-easily crash into the mountains.”

No pressure, right?

Watch Anthony Anderson on a new episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls: The Challenge Monday, August 22nd at 9/8c on National Geographic.


With a hearty scream, Anthony Anderson catapults from the helicopter in tandem with one of Running Wild‘s brave crew members. So far so good as Anderson gives the double thumbs up to another skydiver’s camera. “Oh my god!” he screams, clearly enjoying the heart-pounding experience. That is, until the landing.

Anthony Anderson Skirts Severe Injury After Rough Landing on ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls: The Challenge’

Via first-person camera, we watch as Anderson and his tandem jumper hit the ground hard, toppling over onto a full faceplant for the actor.

But Anthony is far tougher than your average actor. With a few well-earned groans, he gets up immediately brandishing a ear-to-ear grin. Then, he lets out the only acceptable response, a full-body shout.

“There is nothing like jumping out of a helicopter,” Anderson says with his hands in the air. “Nothing like it! If this is how our adventure’s going to start… Okay, baby!”

It is, without a doubt, one of the best, pro-level recoveries from a near-death experience in Running Wild with Bear Grylls‘ history.

Once on the ground, Bear teaches Anthony how to fish using materials solely from the land. Then, they move into navigating traces of bears (yes, those bears) and knot-tying skills that will be useful for his ultimate challenge.

Last night’s two-episode finale on National Geographic was one for the books. Disney+ subscribers can catch the full episode, alongside all entries in the new season and series, now.

Major, major kudos are due to one Anthony Anderson and as always, Bear Grylls, after his own smooth landing.