WATCH: Arnold Schwarzenegger Tries BMWs as Greek God Zeus in Super Bowl Commercial

by Caitlin Berard

Winner of no less than four Mr. Universe and eight Mr. Olympia awards, Arnold Schwarzenegger is often thought of as the pinnacle of bodybuilding. With such an impressive list of accolades, it’s easy to imagine Schwarzenegger with the golden crown associated with Greek gods. Well, that’s exactly what BMW must have thought as well, as they cast him as the lightning bolt-wielding ruler of Olympia, Zeus, in their new Super Bowl commercial.

Back in January, Schwarzenegger posted what appeared to be a movie poster to his Instagram page, depicting himself as king of the gods. The caption merely read, “Coming February 2022,” leaving fans to speculate what the post might mean. Was Schwarzenegger announcing a new movie? A power metal album? A new hobby as a cosplayer?

Turns out, the answer was none of the above, and Schwarzenegger was actually teasing the commercial’s release. And now that we have more information, we can give you all the details!

Schwarzenegger, with Salma Hayek as Hera at his side, will be playing the role of Zeus in the upcoming 60-second Super Bowl commercial unveiling the new iX electric vehicle from BMW. As we know, the best Super Bowl commercials contain one of two themes (if not both): unlikely animal friends and comedy. It looks like BMW is going with the latter, as the commercial depicts Zeus and Hera leaving Olympus behind for greener pastures in Palm Springs, California.

While Hera appears to have no problem adjusting to the human world, Zeus is not so adaptable. He has the power to help his new neighbors charge their electronics, for example. However, he can’t quite grasp the concept of a microwave. Later, Zeus prepares to take Pegasus (his winged horse) for a walk. Hera surprises him with the electric SUV, which he powers with his ability to shoot lightning from his fingertips.

BMW Isn’t the Only Company With a Hit Super Bowl Commercial

Typically, a commercial break is a cause for a groan or a trip to the refrigerator. Super Bowl commercials, however, have been can’t-miss for decades. They’re so celebrated, in fact, that people all over the country admit to watching the iconic football game just for the commercials.

If you can produce a hit Super Bowl commercial, you’ll have millions of viewers with a new fondness for your brand. Knowing this, companies bring their A-game each and every year.

It’s no surprise, then, that the software company Salesforce brought in another icon for their whimsical commercial. Teaming up with Matthew McConaughey, who is their brand partner and advisor as well as the star of their commercial, Salesforce will premiere their fantastical production during this Sunday’s Super Bowl.

The commercial has no shortage of wonder. It begins by showing the charming Texan floating in a hot air balloon in space before drifting over America’s cities and towns delivering his message: the new frontier isn’t in space. It’s right here on Earth.