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WATCH: Betty White Kisses Enormous Grizzly Bear During 2019 TV Special

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Is there anything that Betty White cannot do? There still isn’t a concrete answer to that question. Consequently, back in 2019, the famous actress filmed a TV special that showed exactly what we mean.

During the TV special, there is one moment that sticks out about the rest. Betty White has a great scene where she cuddles up to a Grizzly bear. The bear bows its head and the cameras capture her leaning in and kissing the bear on its forehead.

Betty White is an incredible woman and has countless accomplishments throughout her life. The actress holds the Guinness World Record for the longest TV career for a female. Based on this video, she probably holds the record for the oldest woman to kiss a grizzly.

She began her acting career in 1939, right after graduating high school. Since then, her accomplishments have been piling up. Her first acting gig was when she and her high school classmates sang songs from The Merry Widow on an experimental television show.

Ultimately, this minor singing on TV launched her career and she hasn’t looked back at all.

Betty White and Her Love for Animals

But, above most things in her life, Betty White is an animal lover. Her love of animals began as a child, and she says, “I’ve loved animals since I was in the womb. It is so embedded in me.”

So, it makes sense that during her TV special, she advocates for animal rights. In particular, the rights of Grizzly Bears. In her documentary, The First Lady of Television, her friends talk about Betty White being known for more than acting. During the 57-minute show, she spends time talking about her advocacy for animal lives.

“That’s my life. The reason I work, the reason I do anything is for my love for animals.” One of her friends says, “She says that all the time, ‘I have to keep doing my acting jobs so I can support my animal causes.'”

Additionally, Betty White has been a major contributor to the African Wildlife Foundation. But she also supports many other animal support places. She also helps the Los Angeles Zoo Commissions, the Morris Animal Foundation, as well as serving as a trustee for the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association.

In fact, the Los Angeles Zoo is where she is seen kissing the Grizzly bear.

Throughout all of her endeavors, she has been helping to protect endangered species and to teach the public about the animals.