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Watch: Blake Shelton ‘Is Freaking Out’ After ‘The Voice’ Live Performances

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

After 19 seasons, Blake Shelton is no less enthusiastic about coaching ‘The Voice” than he was in Season 1. Watch as he loses it over his contestants’ latest performances.

Team Shelton is super strong for the latest season of “The Voice.” No one could be more excited about this than Blake Shelton himself, either. With performers like Jim Ranger, Ian Flanigan, and Taryn Papa on his team, the coach has plenty of reason to boast.

And boast he shall. “Did y’all see that?! Team Blake showed up and KILLED IT tonight!!!” he starts off in his latest Tweet. “I’m one lucky coach. Now we’re counting on y’all.. Get those votes in!”

Blake Shelton “Freaking Out” Over #TeamBlake

Within, the country icon includes footage shot of him while still on-set for the filming of the episode.

“I’m freakin’ out right now,” Shelton smiles as he starts off. After naming off his contestants like a proud papa, Shelton adds that he “can’t imagine any of them going home.”

“I don’t know if we can change the rules last minute,” he jokes. “This is a crazy night.”

The proud coach continues to gush praise for his team. “I just finished watching Taryn, who won the 3-Way Knockout. She completely proved why she deserved to be in [this]!”

“And then Sid! Sid Rock, I call him. Killed it! I don’t understand how he ended up on my team,” Shelton smirks. “Can’t imagine one coach letting him go, let alone two. I don’t care – he’s Team Blake.”

“I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow night, but my team’s killin’ it,” he concludes with a smile.

For many (including us here at Outsider), Blake Shelton remains the highlight of ‘The Voice’. If he ever stops coaching the show, it’ll never be the same. This holds true in light of recent rumors that Shelton and former bff coach Adam Levine are “no longer close”. Unless their rapport has changed significantly from this past summer, however, there’s no way this can be true.

One thing holds certain, though: there’s no such thing as too much Blake Shelton.