WATCH: Blake Shelton and ‘The Voice’ Stars Welcome Back Live Audiences in New Sneak Peek

by Keeli Parkey

“The Voice” typically offers a lot of excitement to its viewers. However, its upcoming season promises to bring a level of excitement that has been missing from the popular singing competition in recent years.

According to a recent sneak peek video, Blake Shelton and his other judges won’t be in a studio alone with the contestants and the crew. For the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began, a live audience will be in the studio. That will certainly bring more energy to the beloved reality television series.

This recent sneak peek of the upcoming season of “The Voice” begins with the show’s “warm-up guy,” Bill reminding viewers that the show has been without a live audience for two seasons. Instead, a virtual audience has been there with the judges. There is good news, though.

“It is season 21 and our audience is back live,” a clearly excited Bill shares as the camera pans to show the excited audience members. They are standing and cheering and are clearly happy to be in the studio.

The sneak peek video then switches focus from the audiences to the popular judges of “The Voice.” Returning this season are Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, and John Legend. New to the show is pop star Ariana Grande.

“I can’t tell you how happy I am to actually have an audience back in this room,” Blake Shelton says in the preview clip.

Ever the jokester, the country music star then makes a comment about the newest judge on “The Voice.”

“The only downside is every time Ariana walks by they do that,” Shelton says as the audience cheers for the popular singer. “So, I don’t feel like this is a ‘Voice’ audience. I feel like it’s an Ariana Grande audience. … I scream when she walks by, too,” Shelton then adds.

The clip shows that “The Voice” fans in the audience are clearly excited to have Grande as part of the judging panel. She also appears to be happy to be there as well. And she is shown interacting with the fans.

Kelly Clarkson Said Having a Live Audience Back is the ‘Coolest Thing’ About the New Season of ‘The Voice’

Also, both “The Voice” judges Kelly Clarkson and John Legend are happy to have a live audience back with them in the studio.

“The coolest thing about this season is we have the audience back. And not just for us,” Clarkson said. “More so for the artists. When you’re coming out here and performing and laying it all out there and just performing to the back of chairs and no audience, no vibe – that sucks. So, that’s been really cool this season.”

Legend also said the “energy” from the audience is something they need.

“We had two seasons of a virtual audience. We did a half-season prior to that at home. And we miss our fans. … They’re finally here,” he shared. “We feel the roar, we feel the energy, we feel the connection. And performers, we need that.”

You can watch Blake Shelton and his fellow judges on “The Voice” talk about the show in the sneak peek video below. The new season of the popular competition is set to begin on Sept. 20 on NBC at 8 p.m. (Eastern).