WATCH: ‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck Remembers Late Co-Star Nick Cordero in Touching Moment

by Suzanne Halliburton

Tom Selleck, the star “Blue Bloods,” paused earlier this week to remember the late Nick Cordero, the actor who played a criminal on the show about cops.

Cordero was only in three episodes of “Blue Bloods.” That was back in 2017-18. Yet the actor left a lasting impression on the cast, who cheered when Cordero was rewritten back into the show.

Tom Selleck, who stars as New York police commissioner Frank Reagan, discussed Cordero while on the show “The Talk” earlier this week. Selleck felt it was the appropriate moment given that Cordero’s wife, Amanda Kloots, is one of the show’s hosts.

“I did want to say something about Nick, you know, he did a show,” Selleck said. “But when you’re so good to move a writer to write another episode for you, that’s a real validation as an actor, and the kind of actor he was. And when the crew goes, ‘Yay he’s coming back,’ that’s a validation for him as a person.” 

Nick Cordero: One of Early COVID-19 Victims

Cordero died last summer after a near three-month hospital stay to treat the complications of COVID-19. He was only 41. Cordero was young and healthy who made a living singing and dancing. He had no known health problems before his diagnosis. Kloots, using social media, provided updates on Cordero throughout his ordeal.

When Cordero was based in New York, he guest starred on shows like “Blue Bloods” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” But his real passion was on Broadway. Cordero was nominated for a Tony Award for his role in “Bullets Over Broadway.” The Drama Desk Awards also honored him with two nominations. Cordero also starred in “Waitress” and “A Bronx Tale.”

He was living in Los Angeles when he initially was diagnosed with pneumonia last March. He’d just returned from a trip to New York.

Tom Selleck Says Writers Extended Nick Cordero’s Stay on ‘Blue Bloods’

As Selleck said, writers kept bringing back Cordero for additional story lines on “Blue Bloods” in season eight from 2017-18. He played Victor Lugo. The “Blue Bloods” officers wondered if Cordero had ties to the mob. Cordero’s character had the most interactions with Danny Reagan, who is portrayed by Donnie Wahlberg.

Eventually, Lugo is convicted and sent to prison. But in his final episode Lugo helps Danny and Maria catch a criminal, which allows Lugo to have his prison sentence shortened.

Tom Selleck also talked more about a new character on “Blue Bloods.” That’s Joe Hill, Frank Reagan’s grandson, the one he didn’t know he had. Selleck said he didn’t know the future of Hill, played by Will Hochman.

“I was so proud of the way we handled it, I think people didn’t think it was a gimmick or anything,” Selleck said.. “Will Hochman is just a wonderful actor…I don’t know what I’m supposed to say because we certainly want him to come back. But I don’t know what’s official and what isn’t. It’s a very interesting story, particularly for Frank Reagan, to meet his grandson. And it always makes me emotional when I talk about it.”

New episodes of “Blue Bloods” returns Feb. 3.