WATCH: ‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck Surprises Family Helping Businesses in Need, Gets Hilarious Reaction

by Anna Dunn

Famed actor Tom Selleck recently surprised a father-daughter duo helping front-line workers during the pandemic, and their reaction was adorable. After talking about his own mission to support essential workers on The Drew Barrymore Show, Tom Selleck surprised a hard-working family whose been helping those on the front lines of the pandemic.

Isabella and Luca have a restaurant of their own, but they’ve been working hard to help front-line workers, setting up a system that helps deliver food to emergency rooms in New York. The organization, Feed the Frontlines, is still going strong. While the father, Luca was a big Tom Selleck fan, Selleck and Barrymore weren’t just surprising the family with Selleck’s face. They also offer them a whopping 10,000 dollars for their work, and to help support their own restaurant business.

The adorable video left many people buzzing about Selleck’s generosity in the comments.

“Adore him, my 12 year old son would watch Monte Walsh movie over and over again… love him so handsome much love from Texas,” One user said. Many users gushed over the movies and shows they loved Selleck in.

Another commenter said something similar. “76 years old and still as handsome as ever. Good for him! He seems like a genuinely nice guy too.” And with all the work Selleck has put in to supporting restaurants, he really does.

Tom Selleck’s 2020 Tip Challenge

This is far from the first time Selleck has made an act of generosity. Selleck has launched and participated in a #2020tipchallenge. It started when his friend and Blue Bloods co-star, Donnie Whalberg, tipped a waiter at his favorite restaurant $2,020. The goal of the tip is to help out restaurant workers while wishing them a better 2021.

“I knew it might get around,” He said, “And I didn’t mind it in this case, not to say ‘I’m a magnificent human being, but to say ‘restaurants need help.'” And he’s right; restaurants and their staff have been increasingly hard hit by the pandemic. Selleck also recognizes that not everyone is able to drop a $2,020 tip. “Even if it’s $20.20, maybe you can help them out because they (restaurants) are really struggling.”

Currently, Selleck currently stars in Blue Bloods. Blue Bloods is a show about a family of New York Cops. The series has officially been renewed for a 12th season. Selleck’s acts of generosity and his charismatic yet gritty acting make him one to watch as he continues his impressive career.