WATCH: ‘Bonanza’ Star Lorne Greene Joins Johnny Cash for Hilarious 1970 Performance

by Atlanta Northcutt

Need a little boost today? When a “Bonanza” star and the Man in Black come together, a wonderful and quite funny performance about the wild west doesn’t fail to provide entertainment.

The two pals took the stage in Nashville in 1970 to perform their own rendition of “Way Out West in The Old Days.” The version is taken from “Way Out West in Kansas” which is originally from the 1920s.

About Lorne Greene

If you’re not familiar with Lorne Greene, the late actor and singer was a truly gifted icon.

That fact is evident while watching Johnny Cash and Greene combine their skills to give audience members an epic diddy.

Lorne plays Ben Cartwright, the patriarch of the Ponderosa ranch, in the beloved Western TV show “Bonanza.”

The NBC hit series ran for an impressive 14 years. The show still captures the attention of audiences across the globe thanks to years of reruns.

He is also known for his role as Commander Adama on the TV series “Battlestar Galactica” and “Galactica 1980.”

Not only was Greene a successful TV star, but he also performed on Broadway. He appears on other shows such as “Griff,” “Code Red,” and “Lorne Greene’s New Wilderness.”

A Talented Icon

What some may not know is the fact Greene is also a great and successful singer. When you are the central character on the longest-running TV Western, it’s hard to stick out for your other talents. Yet, he managed to do so.

His smooth, deep voice is perfect for his other job title as a radio personality for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Lorne’s knack for telling stories through song is one of the many things he learned during his time on the radio.

Greene and His Successful Singing Career

Nonetheless, he has been regarded as a great musician with solo tracks such as “Ringo,” which became a pop and easy-listening No. 1. The song comes from the tale of the Western outlaw John Ringo. Other successful singles are “Saga of The Ponderosa,” “The Man,” and “Young at Heart.”

Not surprisingly, his songs focus on using folk and country music to tell stories of the Old West.

His cover of Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A-Changin'” gives the perfect mixture of country and folk.

Living On Through His Legendary Talents

Unfortunately, Lorne Greene passed away from pneumonia following surgery on September 11, 1978, at the age of 72. However, he lives on through his flawless performance on “Bonanza.”

He will also be remembered for his records and singles and videos capturing the spirit of such a talented man.