WATCH: Candace Cameron Bure Becomes a ‘Princess’ with Throwback Glamour Shots

by Shelby Scott

Candace Cameron Bure isn’t shy about hopping onto certain TikTok trends, and in her latest post, she shared her own version of the famous makeover scene from “The Princess Diaries.” The scene shows Princess Mia’s transition from “nerdy” high school girl to a princess, and stylist Paolo brings all the humor to the scene.

Bure shares a similar version of the scene on her Instagram, showing two earlier headshots of herself to viewers as she holds the photos in front of her face. One seems to portray the actress as a teenager and the other shows her most likely in her mid-twenties.

During the movie dialogue, Paolo says, “Only Paolo can take this and this, and give you…a princess,” his assistants finish in tandem. At that point, the two women drop the photos, and behind is a made-over, more stylish version of Princess Mia.

Bure accomplishes much the same effect when she drops her two photos to reveal herself, grown up in full princess style, hair perfectly styled, makeup gentle, and smile just so. She bats her eyelashes and grins, flawlessly completing the “princess” transformation.

Overall, fans seemed to love the clip as many implied Bure gets more beautiful with age, while someone else simply found a good laugh in the bright white eyeshadow in one of the photos. With that, Bure is truly a fashion icon.

Candace Cameron Bure Brings Beauty to Fashion In Her Own Clothing Line

While many people agree that Bure really doesn’t age, as is proofed during her time both on “Fuller House” and in all those Hallmark Christmas movies, she’s nevertheless momentously developed her own brand. This has led her to create her own self-titled clothing line which premiered this past spring.

An August 6th Instagram post captured the actress’s simple beauty and style with what she identified as one of her favorite tops from her August line. In the photo, she also tacked a signature Bure mark on her outfit with the denim bow that forefront her jean shorts.

However, what makes Candance Cameron Bure’s new line most beautiful is that she plans to style for all kinds of women with all kinds of body types. While lots of celebrities have their own fashion lines, Bure emphasizes that hers is going to promote comfort and functionality. “I live in Malibu, so [the line is] very easy and comfortable,” she shared during a People interview.

What also makes her clothing line unique yet adaptable for all women is that she aimed for designs that both her mother and her daughter would wear. And personally, as a 24-year-old mom, that and the comfort of the clothing has me sold.