WATCH: Candace Cameron Bure Hits 5 Million Instagram Followers, Dances to ‘Mambo No. 5’

by Chris Haney

On Monday evening, actress Candace Cameron Bure celebrated in style after hitting more than five million followers on Instagram. She thanked everyone who follows her and even danced along to “Mambo No. 5.”

We’d say Lou Bega’s smash single from twenty years ago works well to pair with Bure crossing the five million threshold. She shared a short video of herself in black shorts and a white blouse on as she danced to the 2000 hit song.

The Full House star also made sure to celebrate with balloons and a party horn. At the end of her edited clip, Candace Cameron Bure is seen holding up two huge hot pink balloons. One balloon is a No. 5 while the other is the letter M to represent her 5 Million Instagram followers.

Additionally, the actress and mom of three thanked everyone for following her on her social media journey.

“1..2..3..4…5 MILLION FOLLOWERS!! Oh my lanta. I love that I have all of YOU on this journey with me, thank you for following along,” Candace Cameron Bure captioned her Instagram post.

Cameron Candace Bure Reveals Day She First Met Husband Valeri in Set of Throwback Pics

About a month ago, Candace Cameron Bure celebrated her recent 25th wedding anniversary once more with three old photos that revisited when she first met her husband.

The actress first came into contact with former NHL player Valeri Bure in 1994. At the time, she was in the last season or two of filming Full House, which aired from 1987 to 1995. The 19-year-old met her future husband at a charity hockey game.

Her Full House co-star Dave Coulier (Joey Gladstone) invited her, Bob Saget (Danny Tanner), and Lori Loughlin (Aunt Becky) to the charity event. Only two years later in 1996, the actress and hockey player went from meeting at the event to getting hitched.

“READ first! In light of our 25th wedding anniversary, I did some internet digging. The first photo is the night I was introduced and met my future husband, Valeri Bure. This photo was taken in 1994 at the Luc Robitaille charity hockey game @dcoulier invited @bobsaget , Lori Loughlin and me too,” Candace Cameron began her Instagram caption.

“Swipe left to the second photo,” she continued. “Look closely. Do you see Lori and me watching the game?! Swipe to the third photo. Centered is a super cute, blonde haired, extremely talented Russian pro hockey player in the blue helmet talking with his talented super star brother, Pavel.”

“Wow. I’ve never seen photos 2 and 3 before!! Thank you internet for the incredible captured memories! #JeffKravitz #RonDavis . Thank you @dcoulier for taking me to my first hockey game. Thank you Lori for being my wing woman and thank you @bobsaget for watching out for me like a dad,” she concluded the post.