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WATCH: Carrie Ann Inaba Poses a Question to Herself and Fans Amid ‘The View’ Hiatus

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

The Talk co-host Carrie Ann Inaba took to social media once again on Friday to post a thought-provoking question to her fans.

Inaba has been a prominent figure on daytime television for quite some time now. She has been a co-host and moderator on the CBS Daytime talk show, The Talk, which debuted back in 2010. Not only that, but fans may recognize her from her stint on ABC TV’s Dancing with the Stars.

However, those who follow Inaba know that she has been dealing with a myriad of health issues as of late. As a matter of fact, she decided to take a leave of absence from The Talk to focus on feeling better.

But from the outside looking in, Carrie Ann Inaba always has a smile on her face, despite the challenges she is facing. She has more than 400,000 followers on Instagram and she uses that platform to spread her positive outlook on life to others. On Friday, she had a quote from Benjamin Franklin that she wanted to share with her fans.

“What good may I do in it?” Inaba begins the three-minute video.

“Do you think you ask yourself this question enough?” Inaba asks. “I think I try to most of the time. But when I get caught, like, in a trauma response or in a pattern from my past, it’s way in the back [of my mind] and I can’t quite reach it.”

Carrie Ann Inaba Wants to Know What Her Fans Think

What do you think of when you hear the famous Benjamin Franklin quote? Carrie Ann Inaba has a good point here there we can all learn from.

“When you ask yourself this question, what does it make you think? Who does it make you think about? Can we all choose to show up with integrity every day in every moment? Probably not in every moment, but we could try our best without holding ourselves to perfectionist standards.”

As always, Inaba isn’t just talking to herself in these videos. She wants to engage with her fans and followers on a personal level.

“Love to hear your thoughts on this famous quote by Benjamin Franklin,” Inaba tells her fans. “Oh, and of course, have a beautiful day!”

And her fans did just that. So many people can relate to Inaba’s words and struggles. She may be a television star, but she is pretty down to Earth in a way that perhaps others are not.

“Thank you, Carrie Ann. Such beautiful thoughts and wisdom. I appreciate you!” one fan commented.

“Your post gave me strength and joy today. Thank you!” another person said.

“Natural beauty in and out. So pleasant to see and listen to. Just makes the whole day better for everyone one.”