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WATCH: Chevy Chase Shows Off Singing Chops in Hilarious New Ukelele ‘Jam Session’

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Jean Catuffe/GC Images)

Chevy Chase has brought us some of the best moments on screen. From his iconic portrayal of well-meaning suburban father Clark Griswald on the multiple National Lampoon Vacation movies to portraying one of the three-amigos – alongside fellow comedic film stars Steve Martin and Martin Short, to his hilarious news anchor or portrayal of former president Jimmy Carter while starring as one of the “not ready for primetime players” on Saturday Night Live, Chevy Chase has given us some of the most iconic moments. But, it’s his latest performance that takes the cake as the actor/comedian sings about “My Cow” while his daughter strums a tune on a ukulele.

“Gimme my cow back, she’s in the forest,” sings the iconic comedian in an August 20 Instagram post. “Gimme my cow back, oh here she is.”

Chevy Chase’s unique “jam session” was certainly something to enjoy.

A Father/Daughter Jam-Session

“Jam session with our new ukulele #mycow @em_chases …” read the Friday afternoon Insta post. From the looks of things, the musical moment was enjoyable for all involved.

The legendary actor’s daughter, Emily, starts out with a serious demeanor as she begins to strum a catchy tune on the ukulele, but soon she can hardly keep a straight face as her dad continues singing the hilarious lyrics.

“She’s my cow baby, and I’m going to kiss her on the lipssss,” Chevy Chase continued as he showcased his hilarious and unique number. smiles right here.

“Gimme my cow back we need the cheeeeese,” the star continued in his iconic straight-faced demeanor. “Gimme my cow back, we need that milk.”

By now, Emily could hardly hold it together and she bursts into laughter.

Clearly, this father-daughter duo has an awesome relationship. But really, who wouldn’t love a ukulele jam session with Chevy Chase?

Chevy Chase and Daughter Are Quite the Duo

Emily Chase is the famous actor and comedian’s youngest child. The young Chase and her family, which include her father, her mother, Jayni Chase, and her two older sisters Cydney, and Caley.

She also has an older brother, Bryan Perkins, whose mother Chevy Chase had met prior to his marriage to Jayni.

In addition to her close relationship with her parents and siblings; including the young Chase’s penchant for impromptu jam-sessions on the ukulele with her father, Emily has a deep love for animals.

Something that becomes abundantly clear in a photo she shared recently to Instagram featuring a few of her furry roommates; a cat and two dogs, to be exact while hanging out with her famous father.

“Honored to be featured in this week’s episode of Animal Hoarders and the Parents Who Enable Them,” joked Emily in the early summer Insta post.

So, clearly, her famous father’s gift for comedy didn’t fall far from the tree, like the Instagram post shows. A father-daughter musical performance and plenty of furry friends…what more could the daughter of Chevy Chase ask for? Or, what more could fans of the iconic movie star comedian ask for? Not much, really, and we certainly hope to see more of it!