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WATCH: ‘Chicago P.D.’ Stars Hilariously Competed Against Each Other While Handcuffed

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

Current onscreen storylines mark “Chicago P.D.” as “One Chicago’s” most intense series right now. However, early footage has revealed that off-screen, our cast members are quite talented at goofing off as well. Check out the below video of some of our favorite “Chicago P.D.” stars competing against each other in handcuffs.

Starring on a 2015 episode of the “Steve TV Show,” “Chicago P.D.” actors Jesse Lee Soffer and Patrick Flueger, alongside show alum Jon Seda, pair off with three women from the audience in a comical Wild West competition.

With ankles and wrists cuffed together, the three pairs have to navigate a mini obstacle course. The results? Priceless.

Immediately falling behind, Seda and his partner are the first to free themselves from their bonds. They then take out several of their cans before the competition even arrives. However, the pairs struggle to reload their nerf guns. Meanwhile, Flueger and his partner, initially behind, knock the last of their cans over and win the competition.

Nevertheless, always comical and kind alike, Harvey awards all three of the female competitors a brand new piece of technology. The host concludes the game with an announcement to catch “Chicago P.D.” every Wednesday on NBC. Six seasons later, “Chicago P.D.” fans still look forward to Wednesday nights’ latest episodes of the hit crime procedural.

‘Chicago P.D.’ Actor Reveals True Star of ‘One Chicago’ Universe

The 2015 Steve Harvey-sponsored televised competition featured “Chicago P.D.” alum Jon Seda, known for playing Detective Antonio Dawson. Dawson fans continue to miss the beloved detective. Although, meanwhile, a newer “Chicago P.D.” officer has shed light on the fictional universe’s true star.

A native of Chicago, Illinois, current “Chicago P.D.” cast member LaRoyce Hawkins shared with NBC affiliate King5, that it’s truly his hometown that serves as the iconic symbol of the “One Chicago” universe.

There’s no doubt the show has and continues to boast a collection of beloved stars. However, the Kevin Atwater actor has logical reasoning for his claim.

As has been explored in other various fictional and nonfictional pieces regarding Chicago, Hawkins states the city often gets a bad reputation based on its history. However, “Chicago P.D.” and its sister shows allow NBC to reflect on and highlight much more positive aspects of the iconic U.S. city.

Of “One Chicago,” and his own show in particular, Hawkins said, “We have the opportunity of telling a different part of that truth.” Instead, “Chicago P.D.,” alongside “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago Med,” navigate the real difficulties of the city while simultaneously putting a new light on those same situations.

Viewers instead get a look inside the people who work for the betterment of the city and its people, representing first responders that truly put their own lives on the line each day.

For Outsiders excited to catch “Chicago P.D.’s” midseason finale, be sure to tune into NBC on Wednesday, December 8th during the show’s usual time slot at 10 p.m. ET.