WATCH: Clint Eastwood Fully Embraces His Hard-Nosed Cowboy Character in ‘Cry Macho’ Movie Trailer

by Jon D. B.

Clint Eastwood fans have a phenomenal new trailer to watch. Cry Macho marks the 91-year-old legend’s remarkable return to Westerns.

“This macho thing is overrated,” growls Clint Eastwood in the new trailer for Cry Macho. And it rings as sincere as any line he’s ever delivered.

The icon’s latest, a 1978 period piece, is based on the book of the same name by N. Richard Nash. It’s a Modern Western that marks Eastwood’s return to the genre that made him a household name.

Clint Eastwood both directed and stars in the film, which sees him inhabit Mike Milo, a “washed-up” rodeo star and horse breeder. The story picks up when Mike takes up an unlikely job from his ex-boss; one that involves crossing the Mexican border not once – but twice.

Country music icon Dwight Yoakam portrays Howard within, Mike’s ex-boss who’s young son has come into big trouble in Mexico. Howard believes Mike owes him just as big from their past, and seeks out his old rodeo star pupil to save his son from a life of crime.

The legendary Clint Eastwood returns to the silver screen as director and star of #CryMacho, in theaters and streaming exclusively on HBO Max September 17. Watch the new trailer now.

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Cry Macho is sure to draw comparisons to Clint Eastwood’s long career, and that feels exactly the point. As a man who’s spent nearly a century playing the most macho of characters to great acclaim, it seems a conscious choice to take on a project that tackles the very “tough guy” persona he helped cement in American men of several generations.

In a way, Eastwood looks to be taking responsibility for this. Hopefully, Cry Macho is not the parting gift – or righting of wrongs – the trailer makes it out to be for the icon. Here’s to hoping he’s around for years to come.

‘Cry Macho’: Clint Eastwood’s Triumphant Return to Westerns

For any filmmaker of any age, let alone Eastwood at 91, Cry Macho (originally meant for Arnold Schwarzenegger) looks to be a remarkable achievement from the trailer alone. Fans of the Hollywood icon are already raving over it accordingly online.

“Just watched “The Mule”… can’t wait to watch this one too. Still acting, directing damn good movies at 91! This guy is a Legend!” comments Mystery Scoop.

“The way that Clint Eastwood is still directing AND starring in films is an amazing achievement even at his age,” replies another YouTube user. It’s a sentiment that’s echoed throughout the comments – and damn true, to boot.

Perhaps the best fan response to the trailer, however, comes from Ken Matthews, who says: “Clint is such an inspiration. With his lifelong success, he could have rested on his laurels 30 years ago, but continues to make films that show us (particularly boys/men) what is truly important in life.”

Alongside Clint Eastwood, Eduardo Minett will make his English-language feature film debut as Rafa, the son of Dwight Yoakam’s Howard. Through his journey with Mike, both find redemption as an old man teaches a boy what it means to be a good man.

Natalia Traven, Horacio Garcia Rojas, and Fernanda Urrejola also star. Tim Moore and Clint Eastwood‘s Malpaso produce.

Cry Macho releases September 17, 2021.