WATCH: Conor McGregor is Doing Notorious Things, Tries to Fight Machine Gun Kelly at VMAs

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/MTV VMAs 2021/Getty Images for MTV/ViacomCBS)

Note to self: don’t deny a UFC fighter a photo op. Machine Gun Kelly quickly learned this lesson when he found himself on the receiving end of Conor McGregor’s catastrophic fists. Thankfully, neither not-so-gentlemen walked away with any injuries, besides maybe a bruised ego. But the incident drew quite a lot of attention from photographers, stars and security at MTV’s Video Music Awards ceremony on September 12.

It all happened so quickly. One minute, 33-year-old UFC champ Conor McGregor was posing with his girlfriend Dee Devlin in a bubblegum pink sports jacket. The next, he was getting ready to knock out the 31-year-old singer. According to Page Six, security had a tough time holding the fighter back.

Watch the insane interaction in the clip from former UFC referee Keith Peterson below.

In the clip, you can see McGregor trying to approach Machine Gun Kelly while multiple security guards keep the two separated. Meanwhile, other staff members usher the singer and his girlfriend, actress Megan Fox away from the chaos. Once away from the squabble, MGK and Fox seem relatively calm, smiling as someone fixes the actress’ hair.

As for the UFC fighter, well, his media rep denied that the fight ever took place, despite the many photos and videos of the heated incident.

“Conor only fights fighters,” the rep stated.

McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly Face off Over Dispute on Red Carpet

Prior to this evening’s award ceremony, Machine Gun Kelly and Conor McGregor haven’t had any notable altercations, let alone public conversations. To those that don’t know the “notorious” UFC fighter, the face-off might have been a bit surprising. But to those familiar with his work in the Octagon, it’s not a far cry from his past stunts.

Apparently, the disagreement began when McGregor asked for a photo with Machine Gun Kelly. The singer refused, allegedly pushing the fighter away. Now, here’s where it gets hairy. Some sources report that Kelly’s push caused McGregor to spill his drink. Others state that the UFC champ threw his beverage on MGK and his girlfriend. The rest of the interaction happened in a fury. McGregor threw a few fists at Machine Gun Kelly, though it’s unclear if any actually hit the target. The fighter walked away for a moment before coming back once more to finish what he started. But once again, security personnel foiled his plans.

MGK and Megan Fox weren’t the only ones upset about the incident, either. One source told Page Six that photographers were upset with McGregor’s violence. The source claimed that the present paparazzi insisted “they were going to boycott Conor because they were worried MGK and Megan wouldn’t walk.”

Regardless of the photographers’ oh-so-compassionate concern for the celebrity couple, Machine Gun Kelly and Fox continued across the red carpet, showing plenty of PDA and adorable poses before continuing into the Barclays Center. McGregor, too, was still allowed into the ceremony.