WATCH: Cyndi Lauper Delivers Strange Performance at New Year’s Rockin’ Eve

by Will Shepard

New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square was an interesting one, to say the least. Cyndi Lauper, a music icon, had one of the weirdest performances of the night.

During a night which included Andy Cohen asking Anderson Cooper, he had done acid before and then insisting that he come back to his house to take some acid that night. Lauper’s performance might be even more strange than Cohen and Anderson’s.

Lauper gave a live performance on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve in an empty Times Square. But, during and after the performance, fans and viewers alike were left confused. The pop music star had one particular strange mishap while she was on stage.

During her song “True Colors” with Billy Porter, her makeup team ran on stage to try and fix her makeup. But, Lauper was adamant that the makeup artists leave the stage immediately. During the song, she was repeatedly saying “I’m on camera, I’m on camera.”

Another weird moment came after she gave a short speech about the new year. Lauper sang a new, EDM style song called “Hope.” The song was weird, to say the least. Even the hosts of the New Year’s show were left speechless at the performance. But, to cap it all off, Lauper gave a dance performance during the song that was completely unnatural.

Cydni Lauper and Her Weird NYE Performance

Lauper’s performance is a vocal point of viewers after the show. Many people are making memes of the iconic singer, taking to Twitter to share their confusion, or just complaining in general. However, amongst the teasing, some people are saying that this strange show is the perfect way to cap 2020.

However, some people are offering the singer support. Some viewers are certainly fans of the new style of music Lauper is showcasing.

Lauper has been performing and making music since the early 1908s. At 67 years old, regardless of this year’s New Year’s Eve performance, she is a pop icon. Additionally, Lauper has worked as an actress and activist since she first burst onto the world stage. In 2016, Lauper released an album called Detour. And since then, she has been incredibly supportive of the LGBTQ+ community.

She uses her live performances as a platform to support the rights of LGBTQ+ peoples. Despite the weird New Year’s show Lauper will undoubtedly still merit tons of praise for her music.

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