WATCH: Danica Patrick Eats a Scorpion, Hilariously Freaks Out with Bear Grylls

by Madison Miller

Surely, Danica Patrick is no stranger to the thrill of adrenaline. However, a long career whipping around a NASCAR track didn’t necessarily prepare her for the worst.

The worst in this case? That would be chomping down on a spiky and crunchy scorpion on television.

Danica Patrick is a former professional racing driver and the most successful woman in open-wheel racing history. She conquered the track in the 2008 Indy Japan 300, as well as several other races in an eight-year time frame.

Now, she is one of Bear Grylls’ new allies out in the wilderness.

Danica Patrick and Bear Grylls

Now that she’s retired, Patrick has had to conquer all-new challenges. The newest happens to be her experience on “Running Wild with Bear Grylls.” Survival TV fans know that Bear Grylls’ shows are no joke. From drinking his own pee to crawling into a dead camel to eating a moose heart to eating a live snake, Grylls knows how to get down and dirty the wildest forms of nature.

“Running Wild with Bear Grylls” includes a celebrity trying to match his adventure pace. Past stars have been Zac Efron, President Barack Obama, Kate Winslet, Channing Tatum, Michael B. Jordan, and Kate Hudson, amongst others.

Now Danica Patrick is making an appearance on the popular National Geographic show. The episode will premiere on Monday, April 12. While she gets behind the car and in her speedy comfort zone on the show, Patrick is also pushed to her limits.

In the trailer for the episode, Patrick squeals, “Don’t make me eat a scorpion. Oh, God.” She puts the scorpion in her mouth and immediately starts grimacing and shaking her head back and forth dramatically. If you’ve ever given a dog a lick of lemon, it looks similar to that.

Starting 2021 Off Right

Besides eating a scorpion, viewers will see Patrick rock climbing, sky diving, eating strange foods, zip-lining, and searching for wherever it is Bear wandered off to. She says that it has caused a “new expansion” of her previous comfort zone.

“If someone asked me to go rock climbing I would go, ‘maybe,'” Patrick said confidently.

According to Distractify, Patrick is really trying to make 2021 her year. She has already traveled and met a lot of new people. She recently traveled to Egypt. Patrick also has a successful podcast called “Danica Patrick’s Pretty Intense Podcast.” She has her own winery called Somnium Wine as well that she recently expanded.

From chatting about life on a podcast to seeing the world to eating scorpions, 2021 is off to an interesting start for the former NASCAR driver.