WATCH: Daniel Craig Tears Up as He Delivers Farewell Speech After Filming His Final ‘James Bond’ Film

by Matthew Memrick

A two-year-old clip of James Bond actor Daniel Craig tearing up in a farewell speech went viral this week.

The actor said the upcoming Bond film “No Time To Die” will be his last as the famous spy. He’s starred in five Bond films.

In full Bond tux, Daniel Craig delivers the farewell speech. He talks about the behind-the-scenes drama of returning to the role. Next, he expresses his joy in working with the film and the crew. He finishes by saying that working with the team has “been one of the greatest honors of my life.”

“No Time To Die” finally arrives on Oct. 8.  

Bond Changed Craig Physically

After the five films, Daniel Craig reflected on the iconic role. He told the South China Morning Post that “the role has changed my life and career in a thousand ways.”

He also shared that the role has given him the power to do what he wants in the future for his acting career.

At the same time, the Bond role is very physically demanding. The 53-year-old actor has suffered numerous injuries on the set.

Slash Film put together a shortlist. With 2008’s “Quantum of Solace,” Craig tore his labrum in an aerial stunt. Later, he aggravated it when he jumped through an Italian window.

For 2012’s “Skyfall,” he ruptured both calf muscles and had to do rehab during the movie. Finally, he tore his anterior cruciate ligament while fighting actor Dave Bautista in the 2016 “Spectre” role.

Daniel Craig told the Chinese news site he’s OK with the controversy of the character. 

“I love the fact that Bond takes a lot of battering,” Craig said. “And so he should. He’s a secret agent. He’s up to that. But it’s how he stands up to adversity. Where he’s one against many.”

“I love the fact that Bond takes a lot of battering. And so he should. He’s a secret agent. He’s up to that. But it’s how he stands up to adversity. Where he’s one against many.”

Yes, those physical roles have been taxing. But the most significant role as a daddy could be fun too. In 2018, Daniel Craig had a baby with actress-wife Rachel Weisz. Hopefully, he can stay healthy for that growing kid.

Delays, delays

In August, film producers confirmed the October date. English viewers will see the film on Sept. 25 in England.

MGM’s Michael De Luca told Entertainment Weekly, “We know it’s been a long wait. Trust us, we felt it too. But the wait is nearly over.”

Studios have shifted several anticipated movies over the past year, jockeying for weekends where they can get the most ticket sales. Namely, films like “Jackass Forever” and “Top Gun: Maverick” have played a waiting game of sorts.

The challenges of the pandemic have made its release date not fun for film producers. With a budget was between $250–301 million, executives hope the Daniel Craig film will make $700 to $800 million in ticket purchases. According to the Daily Express, the film needs to make $928 million to break even during pandemic times.