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WATCH: Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Son Arrests Wanted Man in Alabama

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for Electus)

Leland Chapman, son of “Dog The Bounty Hunter,” recently posted Instagram video footage of an arrest he made on a wanted Alabama man.

Chapman said he was in Huntsville looking for a Mississippi man who had a $70,000 warrant out on him. We don’t know who is with Chapman, but he can’t be alone, right?

Chapman comes from behind his car in the street. He walks peacefully over to four men on a porch area with a Taser device aimed at one man.

In the background, Sam Tinnesz’s “Legends Are Made” song blares, and we’re left looking at the arrest as the other men sit unmoved. Chapman uses flex cuffs on the man and spins around.

One fan, Karen Beams, posted, “You go guy. You got him Be careful out there” after seeing the video.

‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Son In Alabama

Leland Chapman, 44, quit his dad’s show in 2012 and now lives in Alabama.

According to the U.K. Sun, Leland Chapman resides with his wife, Jamie P. Chapman, whom he married in 2016 and still works as a bail agent. The couple has three children.

Last year, Leland Chapman and his dad, Duane “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Chapman, chased a domestic violence suspect in Colorado when the son tore a ligament in his knee.

During the incident, Leland Chapman told Entertainment Tonight that the suspect ran but slipped and fell. The bounty hunter hobbled toward the man, but he slammed a gate in his face.

When Leland Chapman tried to kick it open, his knee “kind of flexed and then it completely severed off my Achilles tendon.” 

The man said it felt like his foot “was asleep,” and he felt like he “was walking on sand.”

‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Has 12 Kids

The Sun recently looked at Duane Chapman’s 12 kids.

The reality star and bail bondsman is 68 years old and has married five times. His first child, Christopher Michael Hecht, was a secret to him.  

Duane Lee Chapman Jr. and Leland Blane Chapman are the product of Chapman’s union with first ex-wife La Fonda Sue Darnell. The two men have starred on his A&E show in the past.

Next, Ann Tegnell and Duane Chapman produced three children. Zebadiah Chapman (who sadly died 30 days after being born), Wesley Chapman, and James Robert Chapman.

With third wife Lyssa Rae Brittain, Duane Chapman had his first daughter, Barbara Katie Chapman. The Brittain union also produced Tucker Dee Chapman and Lyssa Rae Chapman.

Duane Chapman’s most famous wife, the late Beth Chapman, gave birth to Bonnie Joanne Chapman and Garry Chapman. The man’s 12th child was from adoption. Cecily Barmore-Chapman came into the fold as Beth’s daughter by her ex-husband.

Now, Duane Chapman is currently married to Francie Frane.