WATCH: Dolly Parton and Other ‘Christmas on the Square’ Stars Go Behind the Scenes in Latest Video

by Jennifer Shea

Dolly Parton is really proud of her new Netflix musical, “Christmas on the Square.” And audiences can get a sneak peek as to why in a new video posted to Parton’s website.

“I just remember it more feeling like a family set,” the country superstar said. “And I got to play an angel. Not like an ‘angel’ angel, but a sassy one. But it was fun working with all the artists on there.”

Parton and Crew Weigh In

The video offers a chance to go behind the scenes of the musical. In it, Parton and her castmates dish about what the musical means to them.

“This is an inclusive Christmas,” actor Treat Williams said. “This is a Christmas that is the town that we should all be. And I think in Dolly’s heart and in her mind and in her faith she believes that, this is what we should be.”

“It is a symphony we’re playing here,” actress Jenifer Lewis said. “So join in with whatever instrument you want to play.”

A Super-Sweet Movie at a Difficult Time

The musical got mixed reviews, however. The Arizona Republic panned it, saying the fault lies with the plot and the script.

“So sickeningly sweet dentists should show it in their waiting rooms to ensure business, the film just isn’t very good, even by treacly holiday film standards,” the Republic opined.

And how did they make the movie in the midst of a pandemic? Well, it turns out, they didn’t. As a matter of fact, they shot the musical in Atlanta over the summer of 2019, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Meanwhile, Parton told USA Today that despite the musical’s emphasis on holiday cheer, she herself is not making any Christmas plans this year. 

“I really haven’t made that many plans for Christmas this year because I would not want to drag my family around (where) they might be harmed, or get sick,” she said. “We’re going to be very careful.”