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WATCH: Don Rickles Once Roasted Then-Governor Ronald Reagan in 1973

by Will Shepard
(Bettmann / Contributor/Getty Images)

Could you imagine having the gall to be able to roast Ronald Reagan? Well, in 1973, Don Rickles got the chance to roast Ronald Reagan, and he absolutely killed it.

At the time, Ronald Reagan was in his seventh year as governor of California. Dean Martin hosted a celebrity roast and invited the Governor to be the subject. But, because he had been an actor, there was a lot more to talk about than a typical governor.

Ronald Reagan had a unique sense of humor that made him stand out. He was able to laugh at himself and took jokes surprisingly well.

Nonetheless, Don Rickles was one of the people who got to roast Ronald Reagan. Even though it was not the average roast, he didn’t hold back in the slightest. He was certainly the most aggressive entertainer of the night.

Don Rickles Made Ronald Reagan Laugh Hysterically during the Roast

According to Rickles, it was the first time he had ever met the then-governor. So, the nerves must have been running high for him as he was letting the jokes fly. No matter, though, Ronald Reagan absolutely loved the showing. More importantly, he was dying laughing at almost all of the jokes Rickles had for him.

“The governor is the greatest politician of all time; he laughs at everything. ‘My brother died!'” Rickles then pretends to be Reagan and laughs like him.

Don Rickles didn’t hold back in the slightest. He kept bringing more and more aggressive jokes to the table. He continued to insult the governor throughout the roast. But, impressively, the then-governor seemed to be laughing the hardest at the jokes of anyone attending.

It certainly goes to show how incredible Ronald Reagan’s humor was. Additionally, for those who remember, Rickles was one of the best roast comics of his era.

Not only was he a talented roast comic, but he was one of the best all-around comics of his generation. Rickles was on The Dean Martin Show and was also a part of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. That being said, though, he did do a lot of roasts in his day.

Rickles did get to have another chance to roast Ronald Reagan. That time was in 1985 when Ronald Reagan was in his second term as President of the United States.

So, without further ado, watch a few minutes of Don Rickles’ ruthless comedy aimed at the governor. As you’ll see, the governor takes it incredibly well.