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Watch Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson React to Sadie’s Pregnancy Announcement

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: NBC NewsWire / Contributor/ Getty Images)

It’s been weeks since Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff pregnancy announcement, but earlier today, proud mother Korie posted six reaction videos to her Instagram. 

Korie Robertson posted to her Instagram a series of videos of the couple surprising different family members with the announcement. 

Willie and Korie’s Reaction to Sadie’s Pregnancy Announcement

The proud parents are seen in the second video while out playing a game of tennis. Sadie brings along a tennis racket for a child while saying it’s her and her father’s good luck charm, who are on a team together. Sadie says later in a video that the racket worked by helping them win the game against Korie and Christian. 

Korie describes her reaction to the news in the Instagram posts caption. 

“Sharing THE VERY BEST news we could ever receive!! So excited for this little one to enter the world! We were about to have a tennis match with @legitsadierob and @christian_huff when Sadie walked away saying she had forgotten something. She came back with a small tennis racket and a small basketball. You can tell I had NO IDEA! She said, “I picked up something that I thought might help us win.” Confused I started to say “a baby tennis racket?”

“When I said the word “baby” it hit me! No idea why I squatted 😂 I think I almost fell down, and had to brace myself, ha! Then I went over and literally picked up MY BABY who is having a baby BEST FEELING EVER! The last video is Christian’s parents. They are the cutest! First grand baby for them, @cheri.huff can’t wait to share this amazing life experience with you!! Sadie put more of the story on her youtube so if you love all the fun details of finding out and telling Christian go there.”

Willie can be heard, also in shock with his jaw open, saying, “Oh my God, that’s why! That’s why!”


Phil and Mrs. K’s Reaction

In the third video, Sadie and Christian break the exciting news to Robertson matriarch and patriarch, Phil and Mrs. K. 

Without missing a beat, Phil responded to his granddaughter, saying, “Boy, that was quick. I hope it was quick.” 

He then goes on a rant about his son, Jase, and his first time with wife, Missy, on their wedding night. We all cringe as he recalls the encounter that Jase describes as a “study of the human anatomy.” Phil goes on to says that his son obviously figured it out since he now has three children. 

Pardon us as we have flashbacks of ninth grade anatomy and sex-ed, but this time with our grandfather as the one teaching the class.