Watch Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson Jam Out With Country Music Star Luke Bryan in 2008

by Keeli Parkey

A guitar and good people is sometimes all you need to have a good time. Willie Robertson and Luke Bryan proved that to be true more than a decade ago.

Thanks to a recent Instagram post on the OfficialBuckCommander account, Duck Dynasty and country music fans can watch a brief clip of Robertson and Bryan as they sit next to a fireplace and come up with a pretty funny song. According to the post, the clip was shot in 2008.

In it, Robertson takes leads on the vocals, while Bryan strums along on the guitar. What could they be singing about? Are they singing about love? Nope. Are they singing about family? Nope. How about a fun night out with their buddies? Nope.

The topic of the song is a rattlesnake. No joke.

“I think it’s a rattlesnake,” Willie Robertson sings as Luke Bryan plays the guitar and laughs. “… Rattlesnake! A rattlesnake!” They aren’t the most complicated of lyrics, but they are definitely entertaining.

The song picks up tempo, as does the level of silliness. Robertson really gets into the song. He tosses his head from side to side and just really embraces being a lead singer. It’s a fun watch that is good for a laugh or two. You can check out the music video here.

Fans of the OfficialBuckCommander Instagram account seemed to enjoy the performance almost as much as Willie Robertson and Luke Bryan did making it.

“I love this,” one user posted. “Low key fire,” another said.

One fan encouraged Robertson to jump into a career in music. “Willie needs to make a album. I’d buy it,” the post read.

Who knows if Willie Robertson has a music career ahead of him. But, if he wants to keep sharing videos like this one, we’ll keep watching.

Luke Bryan Teaches Willie Robertson How to ‘Shake It’ on Stage in 2014

Willie Robertson and Luke Bryan have a history of being silly together. A few years after they filmed their 2008 “music video” for “Rattlesnake,” they appeared together on stage during 2014.

While performing a concert, Bryan begins singing “Country Girl (Shake It for Me). During the song, Robertson walks onto the stage and starts to mimic Bryan’s movements. The singer then takes Robertson to center stage and asks “You ready to give it to ’em?” Of course, Robertson agrees and continues to entertain the crowd with his Luke Bryan-themed performance. Once the song ends, the friends share a high-five and Robertson exits the stage.

In addition to their music-related antics, Robertson and Bryan also spend time together in Willie’s neck of the woods, so to speak. The friends are also hunting buddies, along with baseball star Adam Laroche. And, according to Robertson, Bryan, and Laroche weren’t the best hunters.

“We used to bring them to deer camp,” said Robertson. “Really, honestly, the only value they brought to us at the time was just to sing and entertain us. So, they would sit around, and we had a lot of fun,” he said

You can watch Willie Robertson and Luke Bryan dance on stage below.