WATCH: ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ Legend John Schneider Asks Fans for Support After Hurricane Ida Damages Studio

by Samantha Whidden

Following the news that Hurricane Ida inflicted damage on both his Holden, Louisiana home and film studio, Dukes of Hazzard legend John Schneider is now looking to his fans for support. 

“I don’t have any cellphone service,” John Schneider declares in the video obtained by TMZ. “All I can do it send you this video. My request, as you look at pictures. My request is that if you know somebody that’s going through something like this, that you help them.”

The Dukes of Hazzard star then asks fans to help him out with the recovery of his studio.

“Now, I’d like you to help us by going to the store, Get you a movie, get your hat, get you something. And I would very much appreciate it.”

John Schneider then says that he and his team are independent filmmakers as well as independent thinkers. “We’re also free and we’re gonna get out of this,” he says with some optimism. “But right now we actually do need your help.”

TMZ also reveals they spoke to John Schneider’s rep, who assured everyone that the actor was doing just fine. He’s just off the grid for a while due to the bad cell service and he will be learning for Nashville, Tennessee very soon. 

John Schneider Shares Snapshots of Hurricane Ida’s Damage

Just after Hurricane Ida moved further north from Louisiana, John Schneider took to Twitter to share with fans a snapshot of the damage that the storm did to his studio. 

“We are headed back and seem to be the only ones on the road,” he shared in a recent tweet. “I’m getting a real look at the damage to mom’s house in the morning and then head back to TN to continue flood relief.”

John Schneider further explained that all people and pups are good. “May have a ‘Hurricane Sale at Miss Shirley’s!’ Soon!”

The photo in John Schneider’s post shows a replica of the Dukes of Hazzard car, General Lee, crushed by trees and other debris during the storm. 

Schneider’s Fans Offer Support Following Hurricane Ida

After John Schneider posted the snapshot, his fans took to Twitter to offer supportive and encouraging words to him as he attempts to salvage anything from the storm damage. One fan wrote, “Oh this hurts to see!!! Karma doesn’t always get it right! I agree with everyone else… lives are what’s important. Things can be replaced!”

Another fan then states that Schneider and his wife Alicia being fine is the most important thing at the moment.

“praying Miss Shirley’s is fine also but if not, she had a good run. you and Alicia can’t be replaced, Miss Shirley’s can and the studio too. my love to you both.”