WATCH: Dwayne Johnson Makes Hollywood Tour Go Nuts By Surprising Them at Intersection

by Taylor Cunningham

Everyone loves running into a star—especially someone as famous as Dwayne Johnson. Seeing him roaming the streets like a normal person is so exciting that a police officer in Alabama became famous just because he looks like The Rock. But in all fairness, the officer really looks like Johnson.

So when Dwayne Johnson runs into groups of starstruck tourists driving around his neighborhood, he likes to stop and say “hi.” The last time it happened, Johnson decided to pull out his phone and record the run-in.

“Hey, you guys know where I can find The Rock?” he asks. In the video, we see Dwayne Johnson pulling up alongside a tour bus. And unlike a lot of famous folks, he didn’t pull a hat over his face hoping no one noticed. Instead, being the nice guy he is, he stopped for a chat

“How you guys doin’? Everybody good?” he says to the group of stunned fans. Johnson wrote that sometimes his fans “go bat sh*t crazy” and scream so loud that they “wake the dead.” Or, they “literally become paralyzed and speechless.” In his current video, he got a mix of the two.

“This is some of the best parts of fame – making a few folks happy. And speechless,” he admitted in the caption. As he drove off, the tour guide thanked him for making everyone’s time extra special. We’re sure he got a lot of five-star reviews that day.

Dwayne Johnson Among Hollywood’s Highest Paid Actors

It’s no wonder that Dwayne Johnson has a lot of respect for his fans. Without them, he wouldn’t be the Alister that he is. And recently, a report by Variety revealed that Johnson has become one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors. That is impressive considering that the average paycheck these days is $20 million per picture. 

Dwayne Johnson is actually the second-highest-paid star in all of Tinseltown. He comes second to a former James Bond—Daniel Craig. After Netflix bought his Knives out sequels, Craig managed to bring home over $100 million. Overall, the streaming giant paid a staggering $469 million for the two films.

Johnson follows Craig with a projected $50 million coming in from his newest Amazon Studio deal. The Rock is set to star in Amazon’s upcoming Christmas flick, Red One.

Other actors and actresses earning top dollar for their films include Will Smith and Denzel Washington, who tied for third after getting $40 million paychecks for their newest WB flicks. And Leonardo Dicaprio and Jennifer Lawrence brought it another tie. They made fourth place with a $25 million payday this year.