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WATCH: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Hysterically Explains ‘Bedtime Routines’ with the ‘Johnson Tornados’

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

Superstar Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson is a family man. In a post to Instagram, he lets his fans have a sneak peek into one family tradition.

As kids, everyone had their family routines. Most of which seemingly took place right before bedtime to burn off the excess energy before bed. Johnson and his kids are no different than that.

Johnson shares the family’s bedtime rigamarole. It involves his two girls doing laps around a book on the floor while being asked questions from their father.

Johnson shares this adorable video of the antics that go on just before bed and captions it appropriately.

“Soooo good for my ego. I got the message loud and clear after the second “NO ONE”… the third NO ONE was the declarative kick in the a– on my way out the door. Nightly bedtime routine with the Johnson tornados.”

The Moana star asks his girls whether they want to see his muscles, to which they resoundingly tell him absolutely not. Even his wife shouts “no” from outside the room. Altogether, they kick him out of the room. Johnson laughs and says that he’ll leave them to their activity.

Over the years, fans have gotten to watch his girls grow up. There are countless adorably cute videos he’s shared of his girls saying and doing things. This video is just the latest in the long line of them.

Johnson tornados sounds like a bedtime routine anybody would have loved to be a part of growing up.

The Softer Side of Johnson

Over his career, Johnson has done a ton of movies over the years. However, one movie, in particular, was done for his girls. That movie is Moana.

The movie star voices an animated demigod, Maui, who is a boisterous do-gooder. Additionally, the movie was a massive success and a favorite movie of his fans.

All that said, Johnson did the movie for his girls because he knew they would love the movie. He also says that the movie is an inspiration for girls all over the world.

“Ambitious and has a really strong point of view. Wants to tackle the world — loving tapping into her own identity. Putting me in my place.”