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Watch Eddie Van Halen Perform ‘Eruption’ Live and Rock the House

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Ross Marino/Getty)

If there was ever a time to revisit Eddie Van Halen and his legendary Eruption solo – it’s now – and you can watch his full performance from 1986 right here.

New Haven’s Veterans Memorial Coliseum would never be the same after Van Halen came along. The band, in the middle of a sold-out show that’s now the stuff of rock legend, knew exactly how to work an unbelievably passionate crowd. This was all of Van Halen – and Eddie, especially – at the top of their game.

While Eddie has tragically passed this week from cancer aged 65, his legacy will live on forever. His son, friends, family, and fans, continue to mourn the shock of his passing. In times of mourning, however, it is imperative to celebrate those we’ve lost by what they gave to us. And Eruption is exactly what the Rock Gods ordered.

Variety recalls:

It was instantly apparent from “Eruption,” the solo showcase on Van Halen’s self-titled 1978 debut album for Warner Bros., that Eddie Van Halen was an instrumentalist to be reckoned with. In a mere one minute and 42 seconds, the axe man detonated a dazzling display of fretboard tapping, ringing harmonics, lightning-fast licks and smeared, dive-bombing effects.


In Rolling Stone’s famous 2015 poll of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time, Van Halen paced eighth. This would seem a snub, if not for being placed between fellow legends Duane Allman and Chuck Berry. To commemorate Van Halen’s legendary Eruption guitar solo, Mike McCready of Pearl Jam fame had the honor of describing its impact:

“It sounded like it came from another planet… [I]t was glorious, like hearing Mozart for the first time.”

Mike McCready, Pearl Jam

Watch Eddie Van Halen’s unmatched, epic ERUPTION Guitar Solo

McCready is right, too. Wielding his trademark red, white, & black electric guitar, Van Halen lets loose a smorgasbord of sound the likes of which hasn’t been heard before or since. The legend’s talent was – and still is – truly out of this world.

The solo lasts well over ten minutes, and varies greatly in tonality, execution, and melody. Each riff is seemingly more complex than the last. And just as you might become overwhelmed, Eddie switches it up to something completely encapsulating and almost hypnotic.

If you’ve never watched the Rock God perform Eruption live – there’s no better time than now:

“The best ever guitar solo of Van Halen (New Haven, Connecticut) (Many peoples asking, what’s the ‘song/part’ name at the begin’: it’s the “316”) Wiki: “It was of their performance on August 27, 1986 at New Haven’s Veterans Memorial Coliseum”

YouTube caption

Rest in Peace to an undeniable talent, and one of the most influential musicians, souls, and fathers to ever walk the planet.

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