WATCH: Elvis Presley Driving His Farmall Tractor in Rare Home Footage

by Anna Dunn

Even once he skyrocketed to fame, Elvis Presley still found time to let loose. In this rare piece of video footage, you can see Elvis driving around his Farmall Tractor. In the video, the “King of Rock n’ Roll” doesn’t look like “the king” as much as he does a 20-something having fun.

“This totally made me smile,” One youtube commenter said, “just from the fact that Elvis was able to have and enjoy things that he never would have had before…You could see he was so glad to have them.” The comment is likely a reference to Elvis’s difficult childhood.

Elvis before Fame

Elvis was born in 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi to Vernon and Gladys Presley. His childhood involved a lot of work to help his family make ends meet. While there was little money, Elvis’s family was close. He first performed in 1945 at age ten in a local talent show and came in fifth place.

When Elvis was 11, he wanted a bike, but his parents couldn’t afford it. His mother, who he was very close with, convinced him to get a guitar instead. Such a simple act of kindness, a resourceful parent trying to make ends meet yet still give her son a birthday gift, would steer her son down a road of success and infamy.

In search of a better life, Elvis and his family moved to Memphis, Tennessee, in 1948. In Memphis, Elvis lived with his parents in public housing and low rent homes. When he wasn’t working odd jobs to help support his family, he’d often go to the famed Beale Street to buy his clothes. There, he gained a ton of musical influence from black musicians. In high school, Presley decided to compete in a talent show again. While he was nervous, he still won first place.

Shortly after high school, Elvis dropped by Sun Label, a Memphis recording studio. Presley’s first recording wasn’t an attempt to get famous but was a birthday gift for his dear mother. There, he demoed “My Happiness” and “That’s Where Your Heartaches Begin.” This wasn’t his last time at Sun Label. Sam Phillips of Sun Label took note of his talent. From there, Elvis began to launch his iconic career.

Elvis went from working as a delivery driver to being “The King of Rock and Roll.” But if the video of him riding around on a tractor is anything to go by, he didn’t lose his ability to let loose sometimes. Elvis created groundbreaking songs up until his death in 1977.