WATCH: Elvis Presley’s Estate Posts Heartwarming Video of The King’s Mom in Celebration of Mother’s Day

by Thad Mitchell

Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, would like to wish all the mothers out there a very special Mother’s Day.

Today, Sunday, May 9, is the day we set aside to honor the women that brought us into the world. In a fitting Mother’s Day tribute, the Elvis Presley estate took to social media to celebrate this special day. The Instagram post features a heartwarming video of the King’s mother and family. The video shows several photos featuring Elvis Presley and his mother, Gladys Presley. As with most things Elvis, the social media post took in a lot of attention.

“Happy Mother’s Day to all the special women in your life,” the social media post’s captions states.

The short video received several shares as Elvis Presley fans used the post to wish their own mothers a special day.

Elvis Presley Had Special Relationship with Mother

Gladys Presley passed away in 1958 causing Elvis Presley to experience a great deal of grief. She died on August 16, which is the exact same day that Elvis died 19 years later. Elvis and his mother were close with the King once noting that “she didn’t let me out of her sight.”

Legend has it that on his 11th birthday, Elvis asked his mother for a bicycle. Fearing he would hurt himself on the bike, she got him a guitar instead. How might the world be different if Elvis had gotten a bicycle instead of a guitar on his 11th birthday?

Elvis Presley reportedly called his mother “Satnin” for her satin skin. The mother and son duo also allegedly spoke to each other in a sort of “baby talk” that only they could understand.

Long considered one of the most influential musical artists in history, Elvis Presley and his music remain relevant to this day. He remains the best-selling solo musical artist of all time. Estimates have his total record sales between 600 million and 1 billion copies. He holds numerous records, including his 101 gold albums. He also has 57 platinum albums and 25 multi-platinum albums from the Recording Industry of America Association.

Elvis Presley passed away on Aug. 16, 1977, at 42-years-old. He was laid to rest at his Memphis home, known as Graceland. His estate continues to keep his memory alive through social media and other means with this Mother’s Day post as a perfect example.