WATCH: First Look at New Discovery Show, ‘Naked and Afraid of Love’

by Amy Myers

What better way is there to meet your future spouse than butt-naked and stranded on an island? Contestants of the new Discovery show, Naked and Afraid of Love are about to find out.

Based on the hit reality survival show, Naked and Afraid, the same rules still apply for Naked and Afraid of Love. Contestants arrive without any clothes and have access to a select amount of tools. They must build their own shelter, find their own food and bear the weather until their time is complete. Destinations tend to be in warmer climates, like tropical islands in South America or savannas in Africa. However, there have been a few instances where contestants completed the challenge in cold environments like Alaska.

In the past, some of the most harrowing challenges for contestants are scarcity of food and little defense against bugs and venomous critters. But nothing ends the journey quicker than the inability to start a fire. Even in warm climates, fire is essential for clean water, safe food and defense against predators at night. While all this is challenging enough, trying to find your soulmate seems impossible. However, 16 lucky (or maybe unlucky) singles decided that Naked and Afraid of Love is the perfect opportunity to meet their someone special.

‘Naked and Afraid of Love’ Tests Survival and Romantic Skills

Between dating apps and social media, the way we tend to meet our significant others these days is a bit impersonalized. Swiping left or right or sending a message over Instagram isn’t quite as meaningful as a first interaction by a campfire. With no outside distractions or online interference, Naked and Afraid of Love offers its contestants a chance to find love in the most primal and natural of ways. It’s like going back to the days of the cavemen—but with better communication skills.

Although it might be a bit awkward meeting without clothes at first, the objective of Naked and Afraid of Love is to see if we can create stronger relationships while surviving in uninhabited environments. And from the looks of the preview, it seems the sparks (outside of the fire) are already flying.

Among the eight women and eight men on the show, there seems to be a love triangle commencing between Brit, Candace and Bennet. In the preview, Bennet asks Brit to join him on the beach to catch crabs. According to the love-seeking contestant, he previously had “romantic moments” with Candace, but feels more of a connection with Brit.

As feelings continue to develop, the drama is sure to follow. The next question is how unrequited feelings will affect the group’s ability to survive together.

Naked and Afraid of Love premieres on August 22 on Discovery platforms.