WATCH: Fran Drescher Reunites With ‘The Nanny’ Co-Star Renee Taylor in Fun Video

by Anna Dunn

It’s hard not to miss The Nanny. Fran Drescher provided laughs on the show from 1993 to 1999. The actress recently reunited with co-star Renee Taylor in a fantastic video. Taylor played Drescher’s on-screen mother, the absolutely hilarious Sylvia Fine.

In the video, the two sport animal print jackets, just as their iconic characters would have done.

“Everyone’s enjoying watching The Nanny on HBO Max. Do you realize that there are people watching it now that weren’t even alive when we were shooting it?” Drescher said while sitting beside Taylor.

“And do you realize you’re older now than I was when I started playing your mother?” Taylor hilariously said. Drescher proceeded to say “cut.”

Fans are thrilled to have access to the show again. Many think it’s one of the best sitcoms of all time.

“I’ve already blown through all of the seasons. This has always been my favorite sitcom and I was SO HAPPY when I saw it on HBO Max,” one fan wrote.

“Renee looks amazing! Neither of you has aged a day!” another fan of The Nanny said.

“Omggggg I’m so sad I’m already on season 6. Binged so hard and fell in love lol and you’re right, I was 3 when it first aired,” someone else mentioned.

For those who somehow missed it, The Nanny is a hilariously binge-worthy show about a woman from Queens who is hired to Nanny for a rich widower’s three children. The show is filled with comedic moments, a sprinkle of drama, fun guest stars, and a bit of romance.

‘The Nanny’ Actress is Running for President of SAG-AFTRA

Fran Drescher is now running for president of SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists). The union is the reason why actors get fair lunch breaks, good residuals, and health care access.

“I hope to apply my experience as the president of the Cancer Schmancer Movement and my success on Capitol Hill and as a Public Diplomacy Envoy for uniting our union, increasing member benefits and giving our 160k strong membership a more significant presence on the national landscape,” Drescher said in a statement.

The actress was diagnosed with cancer in 2000 and subsequently started an organization, Cancer Schmancer, in 2007. The organization states that its mission is to “save lives by transforming the nation’s current sick care system.”

Her experience working as an actress in the industry for decades and as a leader makes her a strong candidate for the role. The current president, Gabrielle Carteris, has opted not to run for a third term and has endorsed Fran Drescher in her efforts.

From working for years on The Nanny to her leadership roles and activism, Drescher has certainly made her mark beyond the entertainment industry. It was certainly nice for fans to see the busy actress reunite with a former co-star.