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Watch George Jones and Randy Travis Perform Classic Country Songs Together in 1991

by Outsider
(Photo by Frederick Breedon IV/WireImage)

There are few country music legends like George Jones and Randy Travis. Though they stand tall on their own, there was nothing like seeing them perform together.

In 1991, you could do just that when an episode of HBO’s Influences featured the duo. They came together to perform a variety of classics. They covered tunes from Merle Haggard, Hank Williams, Roy Acuff, and additional musicians.

Between songs, they shared stories and experiences. George Jones, the legend he is, even had some special praise for Randy’s work, specifically “On the Other Hand.”

“I was trying to what they call rehabilitate,” Jones admitted at the time. “I was about to give up, quit the business, and you came out with ‘On the Other Hand.’ That gave me a lot of hope, and I decided to keep on. You’ve influenced more people in this business than anybody else.”

Those words certainly had to make Travis feel special – Jones even called a radio station to get them to play his song many times over.

“That gave me a lot of inspiration to want to try harder and make a comeback,” said Jones.

“I think you’ve done fine. I’ve never heard that story before,” Travis said.

Seeing George Jones and Randy Travis performing together might very well end up raising your spirits. Though Jones has since passed on, he’s alive and well in this clip. It’s a fun way to spend a bit of time reminiscing about the classic days of country music. There are also plenty of intriguing tidbits to be heard within the clip as well.

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