WATCH: ‘Gold Rush’ Crew Got in a Heated Fist Fight During One Excavation

by Amy Myers

When working with heavy-duty equipment and hunting for millions worth of gold, disagreements are bound to happen. However, it’s rare on Gold Rush when these matters can’t be settled with level-headed discussion or even just a moment to cool down.

But when two bad tempers come head-to-head, there was no chance the men could resolve the matter peacefully. In a moment of frustration and rage, former star Todd Hoffman’s crew began to crumble.

Even before the fight, emotions in the Hoffman Gold Rush crew were running high. The team was quickly discovering that their current location wasn’t yielding nearly as much metal as they had hoped, and Hoffman likely didn’t have a whole lot of money left over from previous hauls to supplement his team’s salaries. So, when right-hand man Dave Turin had to abandon ship from his mining spot in Sacramento to rescue the rest of the Gold Rush team at another location, all of his anger finally came to a head.

Meanwhile, in Fairplay, Freddy Dodge, head of the Gold Rush crew in Hoffman’s absence, tried to keep the conversation civil between Turin and fellow crew member Trey Poulson. Unfortunately, that didn’t last long. Within seconds, Turin and Poulson exchanged blows as several others desperately pulled the men apart.

Watch the catastrophic moment in the clip below.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Feels Pressure of Job, Later Leaves Show

At the beginning of the clip, Turin expressed that he felt like just another cog in the machine. At 57 years old, the Gold Rush star felt like he was a part of the reason that the team wasn’t having more success at new locations.

Known as Dozer Dave, Turin was an icon for his skills with machinery while maneuvering the grounds. Likely, the seasoned crew member felt the immense pressure of the job like never before. Once he received the call that he had to literally dig the team out of danger, he just couldn’t hold back any longer.

It’s unclear what exactly happened between Poulson once Turin arrived on the site. Dodge explained to Hoffman that it was a “battle of two bad tempers.” This likely means that the two Gold Rush stars had come close to a physical fight in the past. Now, with the unsurmountable feeling of pressure the team faced, the two decided to take their anger out on each other, leaving Turin with a nasty black eye.

Following the explosive fight with Poulson, Turin left the show for good. He apologized to both Poulson and the rest of the Gold Rush crew but felt his failures were too great to come back from. Although it appears they mended their friendship, the scrap will always be one of the show’s most intense moments.