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WATCH: ‘Gold Rush’ Stars Parker and Todd Allowed Tempers to Flare in a Heated Stand-Off

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

“Gold Rush” can show off a lot of different characters and displays of emotion. For example, take Parker Schnabel and Todd Hoffman.

Now this clip we have for you, Outsiders, comes from one of the show’s early seasons on the Discovery Channel.

Parker stops by to chat with Todd. Both start chatting about business, like how much gold each man is going for with their teams. Todd said that he’s trying to liquidate stuff, then Parker asks him how much is he looking for regarding the excavator.

As their discussion goes on, you will notice the “Gold Rush” stars get kind of antsy with one another. You’ll also see Schnabel fire off a couple of choice words in Hoffman’s direction. Things never accelerate to the level of throwing punches, though.

Take a look at these two gold miners chatting it up in this clip from “Gold Rush.”

‘Gold Rush’ Shows Passionate Side In Parker-Todd Conversation

Well, Outsiders, who do you think handled that conversation better? Parker or Todd?

One thing we know is that Schnabel has owned up to himself being a bit of a yeller. It’s certainly different from some of his other “Gold Rush” stars.

Schnabel offered these words about his outbursts in an interview with Entrepreneur.

“If you’ve got good employees who are invested in the operation, they are trying their best,” he said. “And when they screw up, it’s something I look at and think, a lot of times, that I probably would’ve screwed it up, too. So it should be much more of a conversation rather than a bollocking.”

Hoffman left the show after being on it for eight seasons. What did he do? The “Gold Rush” star decided to become a singer and turned his attention in that direction.

While Hoffman might not have been the show’s most successful miner, he always welcomed a challenge. These days, he is turning that gold-miner energy toward his singing career.

Hoffman Pitched Idea For TV Show Before Its Success

“I’m actually starting to get some serious offers. Laugh if you want,” Hoffman said on an episode of “Gold Rush.” Hoffman put up song covers on his YouTube page and worked with other aspiring artists.

“Who knows?” he said. “Stranger things have happened. I want to break it big. I want to hit it out of the park.”

Did you know it was Todd Hoffman who pitched the show? Yep, he was the dude behind getting “Gold Rush” on TV.

An article on Looper said Hoffman reportedly made more than $10 million during his gold-mining time on “Gold Rush.” People will still have their opinions about him. Yet it was his inspiration to pitch the show and it found its way on TV.