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Watch: Deleted Scenes from 1997 Hocus Pocus Starring Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker

by Jacklyn Krol

Hocus Pocus fans can rejoice after rare deleted scenes and behind the scenes featurettes were posted online.

Hocus Pocus Deleted Scenes

There were countless deleted scenes that did not make the final cut. Unfortunately, only quick clips of those scenes are on the internet today, until now.

Two of the deleted scenes were originally featured in the 1992 trailer for the film. One scene involved the Sanderson sisters inside the high school playing in the indoor pool. Secondly, they also filmed a scene in a supermarket where Mary drank soap.

Another scene consisted of Max’s parents talking about their new home and witches. Additionally, Max’s father had a lecture for him about taking his younger sister, Dani, trick or treating.

Watch the video, below.

Behind the Scenes Extras

Ever wonder how the cat was so well trained? Well, the answer is more complex, there were at least six cats, each with special training. Some of the cats were even from the pound that they rescued. It was hard for the children to gain the trust of a new cat in different scenes.

Director Kenny Ortega frequently played would you rather and asked the children who’s the cutest out of three celebrities. Ortega also frequently gave direction and adlibs to the actors, some of them being the most iconic parts of the movie.

Fans also got the chance to see behind the scenes on how the set was created and how they filmed the scenes. Furthermore, we also discovered how some of the stunts happened.

One of the most iconic stunts of sorts was when Billy ripped open his stitches and moths flew out of his mouth. He truly did open fake stitches and real live moths came out of his mouth. The makeup FX department created a reservoir that almost looks like a retainer that held the real moths. Animal welfare employees were on the set to make sure that the insects were not harmed. The behind the scenes footage showed the take they used in the film of Billy awakening, grabbing Max, and opening his mouth to discover moths.