WATCH: ‘I Love Lucy’ Star Lucille Ball Sends Q&A Crowd Into Riotous Laughter with Her Physical Comedy

by Jon D. B.

Watch as the irreplaceable I Love Lucy icon gives a “Live!” Q&A session for students at UCLA in 1978 to thunderous applause.

It certainly was one for the ages. Young or old, it’s a rare soul in America that hasn’t been touched by the genius of I Love Lucy. Through constant reruns and syndication, this ultimate television classic continues to produce laughter to this day.

In 1978, America Alive traveled to the UCLA campus for an extraordinary event to celebrate the woman at the heart of it all. What would follow is this remarkable live question & answer session with the one and only Lucille Ball.

From the get-go, her entrance is met with a standing ovation and wild cheer – as it should’ve been! With a blow of a kiss and a bow, Ball takes her director’s chair, and the UCLA students take their seats.

The crowd wasn’t made up of any ol’ UCLA students, either. The theatre is packed to the brim with Theatre & Arts program students, alongside “one professor who snuck in in short pants.”

“Thank you, that is very nice!” Ball exclaims after her riotous introduction. “And I don’t want to waste a minute, although I love the applause. I’ve never heard such enthusiasm – except for protest marches,” she smirks to wild laughter.

“Boy, it’s really good to hear that good ol-fashioned college yell again!” she continues. And then, it’s off to the races with student questions.

From ‘I Love Lucy’ to Her Biggest Influences, Lucille Ball Tells All

All in all, the UCLA arts student body of ’78 had some terrific questions for Lucille Ball. The shining moment they’ll never forget, however, came when one of the co-hosts took a survey, and announced “there are about nine people who want to see you demonstrate something!”

“Facial humor and physical humor, can you?” the host continues.

“Oh, I don’t think so,” the I Love Lucy icon shakes her head. “From here… It would take too much time… And I don’t want to…”

Then, without so much as a thought, Ball slips into Lucy – and with the iconic contorting of her entire face, exclaims: “I don’t want to do it, David, I don’t wanna!”

Fittingly, the crowd goes absolutely bonkers.

“Don’t ask me to do it, David! I don’t wanna!” Ball exclaims as she gets up, stomping her feet. With a final twist of her mouth, she sends the students over the edge in what has to be one of her best live moments in history.

Her brilliance is evident throughout the 40-minute special. To catch this nugget, however, you’ll want to begin at the 28-minute-mark below. What a legend.

‘America Alive’ presented at UCLA, full Lucille Ball Q&A.

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