WATCH: Jay Leno Clings Onto Front of Airplane in Wild Prank Video

by Samantha Whidden

Adding a little humor to the workweek, former late-night talk show host Jay Leno recalls freaking out some of his pals while performing a wild stunt in front of an airplane.

According to TMZ, while making an appearance on Spike’s Car Radio on Wednesday (August 11th), Jay Leno recalls a fun flight he previously took with some friends.

The group notably was in a small plane that flew over the coast of Catalina Island he knew at the time that the aircraft’s nose opened from the inside. So he decided to give them a little scare by opening the nose hatch and hang off the front of the plane. 

Jay Leno previously hosted The Tonight Show With Jay Leno from 1992 to 2009. He returned in 2010 and resumed his hosting duties until 2014. He has since been hosting Jay Leno’s Garage, which is a web and television series about motor vehicles, primarily focused on cars and motorbikes. 

Jay Leno Opens Up About His Career Success 

In a recent interview with CNBC Make It, Jay Leno opened up about his success through the years. “I wasn’t a millionaire when I started. I had two jobs because I realized that was the quickest way to become a millionaire.”

Jay Leno also says he used to save his bigger paychecks by living off the smaller ones. “I got to the point where the comedy money was, like, five times the other money,” he recalls. “So I decided to flip it around and save the comedy money. I would always spend the lesser amount of what the two were.”

Leno then admits that he actually doesn’t use credit cards on a daily basis nor does he carry any debt. He doesn’t write checks at the end of the month for anything. “I didn’t buy my house until I had cash. When you own something and you don’t have to write checks every month, you’re just better off.”

In regards to the mistakes he’s made in his career, Jay goes on to add that everyone needs to learn from their mistakes. He then says the one advice he’d give to his younger self is to do everything the same thing because every mistake made gave him empathy for other people who also made the same mistakes. “People don’t make mistakes get sort of cocky and start to think of themselves as better than others. So, yeah, I would make the same mistakes all over again.”

Leno Reveals Details About His Long-Lasting Marriage

In a 2014 interview with the LA Times, Jay Leno opens up about his marriage to Mavis. The couple has been married since 1980. “You should always marry your conscience. By that I mean, in show business, it happens in sports and politics too, you go through the usual avarice, and you need someone who will go, ‘What are you doing? You don’t act like this?’”

Jay Leno further explains if you end up with someone who enjoys those kinds of things, you go to hell pretty much together. “I spent half of my life trying not to disappoint my mother and the other half trying to not disappoint my wife,” he explains. The talk show host then adds that you have to respect the standards. “You need to be able to look in the mirror.”