WATCH: ‘Jeopardy!’ 5-Game Winner Courtney Shah Breaks Down Her Wins in Montage

by Madison Miller

“Jeopardy!” contestant Courtney Shah is starting a pretty epic streak on the popular trivia show. Is it possible we have another Ken Jennings or James Holzhauer on our hands?

As of last night, July 2, Shah has a five-day streak on the show. The official “Jeopardy! account shared an epic montage of the champion during her time on the show so far. As of now, she has racked up a total of $79,258 so far. She even managed to win her fourth episode despite incorrectly guessing the Final Jeopardy answer. Luckily, she had only wagered $42 that game, meaning she ended the day with $13,958. The other contestants also did not guess correctly.

“I really never imagined that I would get here, not to day one, and certainly not to day five … I’m not sure this is actual reality,” Shah said during the clip. She also let fans know that the “first game is all adrenaline.”

“It’s all surreal. This can’t possibly be happening.”

For Courtney Shah, it’s still happening. She will appear once again on the “Jeopardy!” stage for this upcoming Monday, July 5 episode. Fans of the show will see if she can keep the streak going or if she’ll be epically dethroned.

If she wants to catch up to some of the greatest, there’s a long way to go. Ken Jennings ended his streak after 74-consecutive wins. James Holzhauer made it about halfway to his record with a 32-game streak.

Courtney Shah is a history instructor at a community college in Portland, Oregon. According to Oregon Live, Shah teaches at Lower Columbia College in Longview, Washington.

Shah even shared a small tidbit of advice on her Twitter account for those hoping to one day possibly excel on the “Jeopardy!” stage. She wrote, “Special shoutout to @missinfopod for their excellent Sister Rosetta podcast. (And for those of you asking me how you prep for Jeopardy!, you read and listen to EVERYTHING. I especially dig Miss Information and the @TrivialWarfare family.”

‘Jeopardy!’ Hall of Fame

Although many people go on the show to fulfill a bucket list item and take part in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, there’s also the chance to walk away with fame and glory.

Ken Jennings has become a household name for his strong affiliation to the game show. After spending over 74 days at the studio stage, that just makes sense.

The official “Jeopardy!” site keeps track of the best-of-the-best on the “Jeopardy! Hall of Fame” board. Jennings has the record for consecutive games won, with Holzhauer and Julia Collins behind him. Meanwhile, he also holds the record for highest winnings with $2,520,700 (this is regular-season play only). Holzhauer is right behind him with $2,462,216.

There are two other categories in which Jennings is not the leader. Holzhauer is the leader in single-game winnings with $131,127. In fact, he has the top three positions all to himself. The last category is all-time winnings. Another popular contestant, Brad Rutter, has the record for the highest earnings, including tournaments. His total is $4,938,436.