WATCH: ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Matt Amodio Hilariously Calls Out Joe Buck for 2016 World Series in His First Episode

by Jonathan Howard

While Jeopardy! looks to finalize their new host, Joe Buck is on hosting duties this week. The returning winner, Matt Amodio continues his run. While Buck introduced Amodio in his first show as host, the contestant took the time to point out a connection the two have.

Throughout the years on Jeopardy!, Alex Trebek always had facts about each contestant. Those that went on long win streaks got to go into further detail on the show. With Matt Amodio aiming for a month-long run on the show, Joe Buck took the time to do some digging. Surprise, surprise, the long-time sports announcer found a sporting event the two both attended.

Leaning into the question, guest Jeopardy! host, Joe Buck, asked Amodio to talk about the 2016 World Series. The Ph.D. student and Buck were both at Game 7 of the Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Indians World Series. Unfortunately for Amodio, a Cleveland fan, the game didn’t end up as he expected.

During the conversation, Amodio mentions the great play made by Rajai Davis. Davis tied the game for Cleveland over Chicago. However, a couple of innings later, the Cubs would seal the game. While an entire fanbase celebrated the end of a 108-year-old franchise curse, Amodio and Cleveland’s fans were devastated.

‘Jeopardy!’ Led by Joe Buck

Over the months, so many wonderful guests have hosted Jeopardy! The passing of Alex Trebek led to the show looking far and wide for the next host. There have been advanced talks with executive producer Mike Richards, however, others are still being considered. Many fans have let their favorite hosts be known. Joe Buck has received mixed reviews up to this point. However, the game is still fun and the show enjoyable to watch.

With so many guest hosts, there are multiple picks that would fit well into the mold. The most vocal guest host has been LeVar Burton. The former Reading Rainbow host has made it very known he would like to take over for Alex Trebek. That doesn’t mean Burton will be selected, but many fans would love to see Burton behind the podium permanently.

Whatever the decision is, fans are sure to get used to the new host. While Trebek cannot be replaced or replicated, Jeopardy! will be in good hands. Whoever the new host is, they will be able to bring their own style and attitude to the show to give it a slightly different dimension. The interactions between host and contestant have to remain though. The show was built on the small interactions between Alex and the contestants and hopefully, that will remain.