WATCH: ‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host Buzzy Cohen Tributes Alex Trebek with Favorite Phrase in First Episode

by Thad Mitchell

Former Jeopardy! contestant and champion Buzzy Cohen’s first episode as guest host was a roaring success by all accounts.

Cohen has also not been shy about his admiration for legendary Jeopardy! Alex Trebek. The late host once gave Buzzy the nickname “Mr. Personality” due to his sharp wit and outspoken nature. During his first episode, Buzzy pays tribute to Trebek by using the phrase the late Jeopardy! host made famous.

“Good for you!” Cohen says in the lead up to the match.

“We love to hear it, Buzzy!” the Jeopardy! tweets proclaims.

“Good for you” was a phrase often uttered by Trebek as he spoke to contestants in “meet the players” segments.

Buzzy once told Trebek that he would like to follow in his footsteps as the host of Jeopardy!. He says he is now living out a dream as he stands by the game show’s lectern where Trebek once stood. In a recent interview with USA Today, Cohen recalls his interactions with Trebek during his time on the show.

“Alex and I had a funny exchange about my interest in potentially hosting someday when he retired, so the folks over at Jeopardy! knew that it’s a dream of mine,” he says. “I didn’t think anything would come of it, and I certainly wasn’t calling Sony, being like, ‘Hey, can I get a shoutout?'” 

Jeopardy! Guest Host Honors Late Alex Trebek

Despite being just one episode deep into his Jeopardy! tenure, fans of the show are already rooting for Cohen. Buzzy, whose real name is Austin David Cohen, has endured himself to fans with his charming personality and excitement for the game.

Jeopardy! faithful are already clamoring for Cohen to get a shot at the full-time gig, once Jeopardy! decides to go that route. That would be perfectly fine with Buzzy as he has not been shy about voicing his interest in the position. Now, after just one episode, it seems he has some backers in his corner.

During his initial run as a contestant on the show, Cohen used final Jeopardy! to tease Trebek, sacrificing additional winnings for humor. Actions like that are a big reason why Buzzy has emerged as a Jeopardy! fan favorite.

Cohen won six straight matches in 2016, accumulating more than $150,000. He has appeared in other editions of the show as well, including winning the 2017 Tournament of Champions.

Cohen will remain the guest host through the entire Tournament of Champions. His final episode will be Friday, May 28.