WATCH: ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Matt Amodio Gives Touching Shoutout to His Local School District

by Chris Haney

On tonight’s episode, current reigning Jeopardy! champion Matt Amodio shared a touching message about his hometown school district.

Amodio is currently on a 14-game winning streak, and is already in rare territory. He’s now earned fourth place on the game show’s all-time winningest contestants list. The Yale Ph.D. student has also earned more than $440,000 during his extended run on Jeopardy!.

In fact, he’s been on the game show so long that he’s outlasted three recent guest hosts that have taken over the show. His winning streak began while Good Morning America host Robin Roberts took over the Jeopardy! podium. Amodio then won all of LeVar Burton and David Faber‘s guest-hosted episodes. Now, the contestant is working through newest interim host Joe Buck‘s one-week stint on the game show.

The FOX Sports announcer referenced Amodio’s lengthy stay on the show during the contestant introductions tonight. That’s when Amodio took the opportunity to thank his local school teachers in Ohio.

“When you’ve been on this long, you’re kind of running out of stuff to talk about. But you want to thank your hometown school teachers in public high school,” guest host Joe Buck said to Amodio.

“That’s right. So I wanna thank my current Ph.D. advisor Smita, of course. But I’m a proud product of my public high school, or my public school system in Medina, Ohio. So I loved every teacher I had and you don’t get enough thanks. Thank you very much,” Matt Amodio shared with the Jeopardy! audience as they applauded his touching gesture.

“There’s a place in heaven for teachers, Matt. Nice touch. Thank you,” Buck responded.

‘Jeopardy!’ Champion Stressed Over Repeated Contestant Introductions

While speaking with an outlet from his college, Yale University, Matt Amodio opened up about his experiences on the game show. He spoke about his ongoing win streak, the show’s filming schedule, and the stress contestant introductions puts on him.

On Monday, the Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science shared an article from their recent interview with Amodio. He revealed details about the long days he’s had on the set of Jeopardy!. Since he keeps on winning, filming days can run upwards of 12 hours.

“They go in and they tape a whole week – so five games – in one day,” Amodio told the Yale outlet. “And boy, it’s a long day. You go in there at 7 in the morning. And I’m not a morning person – I just discovered that there is a 7 in the morning, as well as the 7 in the evening that I already knew about. And I’m there until about 6 p.m. or 7 p.m.”

Considering he now has the fourth-longest win streak in Jeopardy! history, the contestant has had to share numerous anecdotes about himself. Additionally, he admitted it can be difficult to come up with new things to say about yourself every episode.

“I was actually just as stressed about that part of the show as I was about the questions and answering part of the show. ‘What am I going to say, how am I going to say it?’” he added.