WATCH: ‘Jeopardy!’ Tournament of Champions Finalist Jennifer Hits ‘True’ Daily Double for Big Gain

by Halle Ames

Jennifer Quail, a finalist on Jeopardy‘s Tournament of Champions, confidently hit ‘true’ Daily Double for a massive payout. 

As the Tournament of Champions nears its last day of play, contestants battle it out for the ultimate prize at being crowned the Jeopardy champion.  

Let’s meet the finalists competing today for the title. 

In third place, yesterday with $6,400 is Veronica Vichit-Vadakan, a librarian from Portland, Oregon. 

She went up against second-place finisher Jennifer Quail. Quail is a wine tasting consultant from Michigan that ended yesterday’s game with $14,500. 

And finally, the winner of last night’s Jeopardy round was Sam Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh is a teacher originally from Carlton, Minnesota. He cashed in with a considerable lead of $38,000. 

But don’t check out yet. The three geniuses will go head to head…to head tonight once again for the final round of the Tournament of Champions, hosted by Buzzy Cohen. 

“Let’s Make it a True Daily Double.”

Last night the popular game show took to social media to highlight a big moment for Jennifer Quail. It was her dream to have a ‘true’ Daily Double, and let’s just say it was well worth the wait. 

The clip shows Quail, who admits, “I’ve been waiting many games to say this. Let’s make it a true Daily Double.” 

I’m glad to see this is a moment more than just I dream about saying on Jeopardy. 

The Michigan contestant takes a deep breath as Buzzy Cohen reads her the clue. 

“Alright, for $8,800, here’s your clue. ‘In 1247, the priory of St. Mary of Bethlehem, later an asylum, known by this 6-letter name, opened in London.” 

Without missing a beat, Quail knocks it out of the park… or studio.  Do you know the answer?

“What is Bedlam?”

“Correct!” shouts Cohen. 

And just like that, Quail becomes $8,800 richer and is back in the game. 

Jeopardy Fans

Jeopardy fans commented on the post, applauding Quail for the game and her quick thinking skills. 

“Even better was a few minutes later when she found the second daily double and asked if she would bet everything again she quickly said “No.”

Others called for Jeopardy to hire Buzzy Cohen, a previous Tournament of Champions winner, for the permanent hosting position. 

“This was a well-played daily double, but how about @buzztronics I loved his games, and I’m loving his hosting.”

“Buzzy is killing it. I hope he’s being considered along with the others for replacement host if he is interested in the gig.”

You can watch Cohen take the stage for the last time (potentially) tonight for the most competitive game of Jeopardy yet this year. Who will reign victorious and be crowned the ultimate champion of the Tournament of Champions? I can hardly contain my excitement!